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Where to see the Endangered Tarsiers in Bohol, Philippines

Where to see the Endangered Tarsiers in Bohol, Philippines

Olly Gaspar

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Most people visit Bohol for the beaches, waterfalls and the famous Chocolate Hills. Seeing the endangered Tarsiers in Bohol is another favourite and unique experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Tarsier Facts

The Tarsiers in Bohol are often mistaken for large monkey-sized creatures. When you first see them, you’ll notice that they are absolutely tiny. A fully-grown Tarsier is roughly 100 millimeters in height. However, they can leap up to five metres.

Another funny fact, each eye is heavier than their brain. They can also turn their heads 180-degrees to each side. This helps the tiny creatures hunt large insects at night.

Endangered Status

The Tarsiers in Bohol are listed as an endangered species. Each Tarsier can only have one baby per year and protects its own territory of one hectare per individual. This, combined with the threat of introduced dogs and cats mean that they are incredibly prone to extinction.

The Philippine Tarsier Foundation has established protected and fenced off areas for the Tarsiers to repopulate. There is also a smaller conservation area where tourists can come to see them. Just remember that the Tarsiers in Bohol are incredibly sensitive to sound and light.


Where to see the Tarsiers in Bohol

Although tourists are unable to enter the protected conservation sites, there is a small sanctuary located in Corella. The site is located approximately 20 minutes from Tagbilaran City by Jeepney or tricycle. Those coming from the tourist area of Panglao can expect a one hour journey depending on traffic.

Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary

The entry price to see the Tarsiers in Bohol is 50 Pesos. You will be guided through the small protected area by conservation workers who point out the often easy to miss Tarsiers. Remember to be quiet and avoid any flash photography.

Getting to the sanctuary

Visiting the sanctuary can also be completed as a stop on a Bohol tour. If you’re looking to check out some waterfalls and the Chocolate Hills, it might be a good idea to barter with a local tour operator. Expect to pay up to 1000 Pesos per day for the “Inland Tour”.

Renting your own motorbike or moped for under 300 pesos per day means that you can see the real Bohol by yourself. However, you will miss out on the local knowledge. It’s also great to pay your money forward to local tour operators who rely on the income.

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