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Mag Aso Falls in Bohol, The Philippines

Mag Aso Falls in Bohol, The Philippines

If you’re visiting Bohol, make sure not to miss Mag-Aso falls. If crystal blue water, waterfall climbing and cliff jumping sound like a good time; definitely check it out.

How to Get to Mag Aso Falls

Mag Aso falls is located close to the small township of Antequera. The best way to get here from Panglao or Tagbilaran is to rent a moped. There are several places that would be happy to rent one to you between 200-300 Peso per day. Riding to Mag Aso takes just over one hour from Panglao and 45 minutes from Tagbiliran.

Having your own moped gives you the freedom to explore Bohol at your own pace and is usually the cheapest option. You can also add in additional stops like the Tarsier Conservation Area. For those that want private transport, there are tricycle drivers in Panglao or Tagbilaran that will take you to Mag Aso Falls. Expect to pay anywhere between 300 to 600 Peso for the return trip.

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What do to at Mag Aso Falls

There is a small ticket hut at the entrance to the path at Mag Aso falls. The ticket price is 20 pesos. Follow the path down the gorge until you reach the turquoise water pool and waterfall.

Mag Aso Falls with a girl in the water

Swimming and jumping

The water is perfect for swimming on a hot day. On the right side of the pool you will also notice a rope that allows you to climb to a jump spot. The height for this jump is roughly 5 metres.

Climbing to the top of the waterfall

In the drier seasons, Mag Aso falls is a smaller and timider waterfall. If conditions are right, you can climb up the short fall and check out the view from the top. There is also a gorge running from the waterfall with views of the epic turquoise river feeding the falls.

mag aso falls in bohol with guy in waterfall


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