Sugba Lagoon Siargao is an incredible blue lagoon located on nearby Coab Island. Visiting this epic lagoon is one of the best things you can do on Siargao!

You’ve probably seen photos circulating online from the epic Sugba Blue Lagoon on Siargao. In fact, seeing these lagoons is what really got me interested in visiting Siargao in the first place!

In this quick guide, I’ll detail everything you need to know about visiting Sugba Lagoon from Siargao, including the best options to get here and what to expect once you arrive.

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Sugba Lagoon Siargao

Sugba Lagoon Location

Sugba lagoon is located on Coab island, which is about 20 minutes north-west of Del Carmen, the main town on Siargao Island. Del Carmen is the port where you’ll be getting a boat out to the blue lagoon. It’s close to the airport and about 35-minutes drive from General Luna.

Below I’ve pinned the exact location so you can orientate yourself.

Google Maps Pin: “Sugba Blue Lagoon”

How to Get to Sugba Lagoon From Siargao

The most convenient way to get to Sugba Lagoon from General Luna is to book a day trip online with Klook.

This costs roughly $20 for a whole day trip and includes:

  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Transfers to Del Carmen
  • Boat trip to Sugba
  • Visit Kawhagan Island & Pamomoan Island

Book: Full-day trip for under $20

Sugba Lagoon Tour from Siargao

Alternative 1: Magpupungko to Sugba Lagoon

Another option, if you’re interested in seeing more of Siargao’s highlights including the popular Magpupungko Rock Pools, is to book the below private tour that visits both.

Obviously, this is a little more expensive but you’ll see much more which is great if you’re short on time.

Book now: Lagoon & Magpupungko Private Trip

Altternative 2: Sugba Lagoon DIY Method

If you want to explore Sugba Lagoon independently (DIY) then you can kind of do this. Of course, you’ll still need to jump on a boat tour as you won’t. be swimming!. But, you can get a cheaper rate if you ride a motorbike to Del Carmen and head down to the wharf. Here, there are locals who are usually willing to offer you a trip.

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Sugba Lagoon Tour From Siargao – What to Expect

So, now that you know all the methods available for getting to Sugba Lagoon on Siargao, let’s dive into what to expect!

From the get go, you’ll be guided through dense mangrove forests and river systems of the Del Carmen Mangrove Reserve in a traditional Filipino longtail outrigger motorboat. These are known as a Bankas and are super loud– but it’s just part of the experience!

After about 20 minutes, you’ll pull up at the Lagoon House, which is smack-bang in the middle of the blue lagoon.

Arriving at Sugba Lagoon

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The Sugba Blue Lagoon

The Sugba Blue Lagoon is the main attraction here! The crystal clear, deep blue water rests between twisting, mounded hills of green. It’s definitely a sight to behold– just check out the photos from the drone!

There’s plenty of things to do at the blue lagoon including:

  • Rent Kayaks or Stand Up Paddle Boards (200 PHP)
  • Cliff jump from the wooden diving board
  • Swim around and explore the lagoon
Sugba Lagoon House

We spent about 2 hours exploring the blue lagoon and burning through drone batteries after some of the best flights of my life!

Sugba Lagoon Drone Photo
Sugba Lagoon
Sugba Lagoon Siargao

The lagoon House

The Lagoon House is a floating pontoon-style house with an attached diving board. It provides shelter and a stop for food and snacks. If you’ve selected the Sugba Lagoon tour, then you’ll likely be offered a hearty lunch here. However, for those that want to use one of the tables, you’ll have to “rent” one by paying the owner 50 pesos.

If you head to the top of the lagoon house, you can watch people jump off the diving board.

Cliff Jump at Sugba Lagoon
Sugba Lagoon House

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The next stop on the Sugba Lagoon tour on Siargao is Kawhagan Island. This awesome little sandbar island has a reaching sand spit and a dense interior of coconut palms.

Kawhagan Island Siargao

You’ll also find some small huts on the island where locals sell coconuts, snacks and drinks. We spent about an hour and a half here before returning back to our accommodation in General Luna.

Kawhagan Island Siargao
Kawhagan Island
Sugba Lagoon Coastline

Common Questions and THings to KNow about Sugba Lagoon Siargao

Are there crocodiles in Sugba Lagoon?

This is a valid question! There actually are endangered Philippine crocodiles living in the Del Carmen Mangrove Reserve near Sugba Lagoon. These guys are freshwater crocodiles and are harmless. While I was assured by locals that there are no large saltwater crocodiles at the lagoon, they have been known to frequent the estuarine mangrove waters near Del Carmen.

What is Sugba Lagoon known for?

Sugba Lagoon is known for the incredible emerald waters beneath rolling tropical-green hills. You’ll visit this place for awesome cliff jumping and to admire this unique and utterly beautiful region.

What are some more things to know?

  • Bring reef safe sunscreen as you’ll be in the sun all day
  • Bring snacks if you are visiting DIY from Siargao
  • A drone is made for spots like this
  • The best time to visit is in the morning when the light is less harsh on the emerald waters
  • The best time to v and Siargao is between
  • You can rent a kayak or SUP for 200 from the lagoon house and a lifejacket for 50 pesos, a table is 50 pesos.
Kawghagan Island from Sugba Lagoon
Sugba Lagoon Beach House
Sugba Lagoon House

Where to Stay in Siargao

When planning accommodation on Siargao, you’ll want to know that the main tourist hub is called General Luna. Here, there is solid tourism infrastructure like hotels, resorts, guest houses, restaurants, clubs, bars and tour offices. Below are my favorite picks for where to stay.

Tip: I’ve written a comprehensive Siargao accommodation guide as well which goes into a lot more detail on places to stay, don’t miss it!

Luxury Villas: Las Palmas Villas and Casitas Siargao

  • Awesome free breakfast
  • 100 meters from the beach
  • Swimming pool & bar
  • Beautiful tropical gardens and terrace
Las Palmas Villas Siargao

Luxury Resort: Kalipay Resort

  • Incredible tropical suites
  • Awesome swimming pool and bar
  • Best location
  • Quite at night but close to party spots
  • Healthy breakfast

Mid-range beach house: Surfing Carabao Beach Houses

  • Beach-front tropical huts (Malinao Beach)
  • Terrace, balcony and AC
  • Homey, comfortable and open
  • Open kitchen
  • Walk down to surf spots
Surfing Carabao Beach House on Siargao Island

Hostel With a Vibe: Ilakai Hostel

  • Best hostel vibe in Siargao
  • Great location
  • Clean rooms
  • Cheap!
Ilakai Hostel on Siargao

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Sugba Lagoon Siargao

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