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Best Siargao Island Hopping Itinerary to Guyam, Daku & Naked

Best Siargao Island Hopping Itinerary to Guyam, Daku & Naked

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

While Siargao is well-known for epic surf spots, it’s also an adventure playground dotted with incredible tropical islands. Here’s how to visit the three best islands, Guyam, Daku, and Naked Island!

One of the best experiences I had while traveling on Siargao was the famous local Siargao island hopping tour from General Luna (the main tourist spot on the island). Lately, there have been many new operators and I’ve heard some horror stories!

In this guide, I’ll show you just how to do this without overpaying and ensuring you have a great day exploring.

Island hopping siargao

Here's What You Need to Know

Before I get into the guide, here are some things that you must know before you book.

  • All island hopping tours in Siargao run on longtail outrigger motorboats called Banka's.
  • The three main islands you'll visit on a Siargao island hopping tour are Daku Island, Naked Island, and Guyam Island. These tropical islands are dotted just off the coast of General Luna and are very quick to reach.
  • You can book this experience with one of the reputable local boat companies in advance or try your luck at the General Luna wharf.
  • The new "Tour C Option" is great if you want to explore more of the area. It includes a visit of Daku Island, Naked Island, and the mind-blowing Sohoton Cove!

The good news is that the best-priced and most reliable tour can be booked online. The price is the same as what you'll be offered by vendors in General Luna (always cheaper than the first offer). As a bonus, this trip also includes pick-up, drop-off, and a hearty island lunch!

Guyum island boat banka philippines

How to Find the Best Island Hopping Package

As you might expect, tours on Siargao are very affordable. However, don't make the mistake of overpaying or getting ripped off.

The cost is very cheap for a whole day, with food (usually seafood), multiple stops, and entrance fees included. Expect to pay around 2,000 PHP for the trip. You can also arrange a private boat for around 4,000 PHP these days.

The recommended trip (above) that I booked costs just under 2,000 PHP and includes:

  • Hotel pick-up/drop-off
  • Daku Island
  • Guyam Island
  • Naked Island
  • Snorkelling equipment rental
  • Hearty lunch
  • English-speaking guide

Important: Look for quality boats. Unfortunately, there are some boats running island hopping trips on Siargao that really shouldn't be in the water! The last thing you want is an engine failure to ruin your trip.

Island hopping in siargao

Island Hopping Itinerary

While most of the island hopping tours from General Luna will vary in itinerary, they all follow a pretty standard route.

  • Daku Island - A long stretch of white sandy beach, local barbecue shops, and palm trees. Buy fresh seafood from the dock and have it barbecued by locals. Great for snorkeling and swimming.
  • Naked Island - Tiny, uninhabited sandbar with crystal-clear waters, best visited during low tide for a full sandbar experience. Perfect for sunbathing and photography.
  • Guyam Island - Small, picturesque island with palm trees and rocky outcrops, ideal for a picnic stop. Offers excellent spots for exploring and relaxing.
  • Corregidor Island (optional) - Scenic landscapes, WWII historical sites, and panoramic views. Great addition (ask your driver) for adventurers due to a scenic short hike. Start early to include it in your itinerary. Ideal for those interested in history and hiking.

Tip: Don't confuse Corregidor Island with the more famous one near Manila. This is different!

What to Expect on a Siargao Island Hopping Tour

With the logistics out of the way, let's dive into what to expect on an epic Siargao island hopping adventure to Daku Island, Naked Island, and Guyam Island!

Stop 1: Guyam Island

The first stop for us was Guyam Island. You can walk around this tiny speck of an island in about 3 minutes! It's almost a perfectly circular shape, with a field of coconut palms in the center and white-sand shores around its rim.

Guyum island siargao
Guyum island hopping from siargao

On the interior of Guyam Island is a tiny, small hut.  Here, you can purchase a coconut for 50 pesos. The coconut palms provide perfect shade as the day starts to heat up!

We spent roughly an hour on Guyam, swimming in the crystal clear waters, snorkeling on the fringing reef and lounging on the beach.

Guyam Island is an incredible private oasis and easily my favorite on this Siargao island hopping tour!

Stop 2: Naked Island

The second stop on our Siargao island hopping tour is Naked Island. This is a sand cay island devoid of any plants. Around its rim is a fringing coral reef stretching for a few hundred metres before a sharp drop-off.

Naked Island is roughly 90 metres long and while there might not be much to see, its simplicity is what this kind of island is really about! We spent another hour on Naked Island swimming, snorkeling and simply relaxing on the sandy shores.

Naked Island is awesome for drone shots. So, if you have one, make sure to bring it along. If your Siargao island hopping tour visits Naked Island to wrap up the day, then you're lucky as I've also seen some epic aerial sunset photos from here!

Naked island siargao
Naked island, siargao island hopping philippines
Naked island siargao

Stop 3: Daku Island

The final island we visited island hopping on Siargao was Daku Island. This is the largest island off General Luna and has the most going on. As you might expect from a Siargao island, there are plenty of palm trees and crystal-clear blue water.

Daku island siargao
Daku island

We were offered lunch on Daku Island, which was a big spread of fresh fruits, fish, rice, and vegetable dishes. We all gathered around on the beach and ate under the shelter of a bamboo hut.

To wrap up our Siargao island hopping trip, we climbed a few coconut trees and harvested a handful. We then traded our haul with a machete-wielding local in exchange for opening one of ours.

Coconuts on filipino islands
Coconut on daku island siargao

I'm sure you'll be absolutely blown away by Daku Island! While I did pick Guyam as my favorite, Daku was a close second!

Daku island
Daku island

Quick Tips Before You Go

Before you go island hopping on Siargao, here are a few tips that you might want to know.

  • Booking online offers the most competitive pricing for reliable tours.
  • Pack a hat and reef safe sunscreen– it gets hot out there!
  • Don't step on corals, this kills them!
  • Bring a towel as you'll be in and out of the water all day.
  • Ask your guide to take you to Naked Island for sunset if possible.
  • A private boat is a good bet if you have a large group, but make sure to pack your own lunch!
  • You can purchase snacks on Guyam and Daku Island
  • Plan your trip with good weather! I use AccuWeather.
Daku island siargao

Where to Stay on Siargao

When planning accommodation on Siargao, you'll want to know that the main tourist hub is called General Luna. Here, there is solid tourism infrastructure like hotels, resorts, guest houses, restaurants, clubs, bars, and tour offices. Below are my favorite picks for where to stay.

Las palmas pool and palm trees on siargao island

1. Las Palmas Villas & Casitas Luxury

Very popular luxury villas located within 100 m from the beach in General Luna. Includes swimming pool, bar, and tropical gardens.

Soultribe beach retreat

2. Soultribe Beach Retreat Mid-Range

The best tropical retreat in Siargao. Located in an excellent location on Malinao Beach which offers a unique glamping style accommodation with BBQ dinners and free bicycle rental!

Sinag hostel 

3. Sinag Hostel Budget

The best hostel in General Luna with impressive reviews on popular booking sites. Great for those looking to save money and meet other like-minded travelers.

More Photos from Our Island Hopping Trip

Thanks for reading this travel guide to Siargao island hopping tours and packages! I hope it's been useful. While you're here, make sure to check out some of my other blogs and guides below.

Below are some more photos from my trip that I hope will inspire your visit!

Siargao island hopping tour
Naked island siargao
Island hopping on siargao, the philippines
Siargao island hopping tour
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