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Visiting Redwater Creek Falls in Tasmania: Waterfall Guide

Visiting Redwater Creek Falls in Tasmania: Waterfall Guide

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

Discover everything you need to know about visiting Redwater Creek Falls. Learn how to get there, and what to expect when exploring the waterfalls and nearby caves.

Redwater Creek Falls is a set of two little-visited cascades flowing on Redwater Creek between Railton and Sheffield. A visit to these seasonal falls is a great bet following rain otherwise you might arrive to admire a small trickle.

I must admit they’re no Nelson or Halls Falls but they’re still a great place to check out one morning if you find yourself hanging around Sheffield.

Below, I’ll cover everything you need to know about visiting these falls and hope to inspire your visit.

Redwater creek falls map tasmania
Map showing the location of Redwater Creek Falls

How to Get to Redwater Creek Falls

To get to Redwater Creek, you'll want to make your way to Stoodley Forest, approximately 6.2 km from the Sheffield Visitor Centre along Sheffield Road.

I've pinned the exact location for a large carpark near the pine forest where you can gain access to the wide walking track to the waterfalls. Be aware that the signage is quite poor in this area.

From the car park, follow the gravel road (an old railway track) past the water tank and through a gate. You'll see a fence on your right; continue along this path until you find a small gate in the fence, marked by a sign on a tree. The photos below show exactly what to look for!

Sunset on a winding road in tasmania

Car Rentals in Tasmania

Unfortunately, the cost of bringing your own car on the Spirit of Tasmania has skyrocketed in recent years. Now, it is usually cheaper to rent a car on arrival. I recommend using DiscoverCars in Tasmania to compare rates for different vehicles across dealerships.

(Rentals are limited in Tasmania so it's a good idea to book in advance).

The Redwater Creek Falls Hike

  • Hiking Distance: 1.4 km return
  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Elevation: N/A
  • Difficulty: Easy

The short walk to the waterfalls and caves begins from the large car park beside the BMX track in the Stoodley Forest. This track is pretty much a road, however, is often closed to vehicles with a large steel gate.

Redwater creek falls hike

On the hike to the falls, you'll be following a segment of the Tasmanian Trail. Approximately 1 km up the track you will reach a wire gate on your right with a sign that reads "Waterfall".

Redwater creek falls hike

Open this gate and you'll find yourself at the base of the main waterfall on Redwater Creek. The second waterfall is a little further downstream but is smaller.

We visited these falls with our friends from The Caravan of Courage. After some light rain during the night, we were greeted with the falls flowing nicely.

Sheffield waterfall
Redwater creek falls tasmania

Redwater Creek Caves

If you cross the river above the first, main waterfall tier, you can follow the track to some small unnamed caves. There is a wooden ladder affixed to the rock wall. While not huge caves, they are cool to explore and photograph.

Sadly my camera died on this trip but I managed to get some photos for you guys with my phone.

Sheffield caves
Caves near redwater creek sheffield

Accommodation Near Redwater Creek Falls

If you're looking for nearby accommodations, I recommend staying in Devonport. It's only a 25-minute drive from the falls and has everything nearby.

Lounge room at views forever devonport

1. Views Forever Devonport Luxury

If it's a night of luxury you're after, executive-furnished apartments in the Views Forever Devonport might be just the ticket for you. This studio apartment offers a patio with incredible sunset views over Coles Beach. It comes fully equipped and has everything you need.

Tiny tom devonport accommodation, tasmania

2. Tiny Tom Mid-Range

Tiny Tom is located centrally in Devonport adjacent to the Mersey River and just 1 km from the Devonport Ferry Terminal. The rooms are fully furnished apartments that include garden views, barbecue facilities, and a patio.

Bedroom at argosy motor inn

3. Argosy Motor Inn Budget

A no-frills comfortable and most importantly, affordable option close to the ferry terminal is the Argosy Motor Inn. For those coming off or planning to board the ferry, a night at Argosy is an excellent choice.

I really hope this quick waterfall guide to Redwater Creek Falls was useful for you.

If you enjoyed it, make sure to check out some of my other articles and blogs for Tasmania. I spent several months exploring some of the most epic, off-the-beaten-path locations on this island and I want to share them with you.

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