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Coconut Road – How to Get to the Famous Palm Tree Road on Siargao

Coconut Road – How to Get to the Famous Palm Tree Road on Siargao

A quick and easy travel guide to the famous palm tree road on Siargao Island, also known as Burgos Coconut Road.

Even on the flight into Siargao, likely the first thing that will strike you is just how absolutely covered this island is with different types of palm trees.

The Palm Tree Road Siargao is one of the most iconic spots on the island for snapping awesome travel photos. It’s also a really scenic road that you’ll most likely drive down if you’re already set on exploring the island by bike.

In this quick guide, I’ll outline everything you need to know about the famous palm tree road, including how to get here, what to expect, and a few tips on snapping a memorable photo.

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Palm Tree Road Siargao
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About the Famous Palm Tree Road on Siargao

Okay, the Siargao Palm Tree Road, or Burgos coconut road, isn't exactly a highlight or stand-out attraction. However, it is easily one of the most popular spots for people to spot and take some photos.

If you're a photographer like myself, then you'll really appreciate this spot. The long, smooth stretch of concrete road darts straight down a field of coconut palm trees with almost perfect symmetry. In the background, you'll see some more jungle-covered mountains. It's a really photogenic spot and definitely one you should fly your drone at if you have one.

Siargao Motorbike Palm Tree Road

How to Get to the Palm Tree Road

Below I'll outline the two options for getting to that iconic Palm Tree Road on Siargao.

Option 1: Siargao Land Tour

If you're short on time, or if you want to explore a bunch of different highlights on Siargao in a single day, then a good bet is to book the Siargao Land Tour.

This is the most popular tour on the island and covers a few must-do activities including:

Coconut Palm Tree Road

Option 2: Independent

For the independent explorers, rent a bike in General Luna for between 250-350 pesos per day. This is how I explored much of Siargao during my visits.

Getting to the coconut palm tree road on Siargao is easy and the roads on this stretch from General Luna are well-maintained. The easiest way to get here is to simply plug in the coordinates in the map below.

But what you'll want to do is head to the famous palm tree viewpoint and just continue on down the hill for about a kilometer.

Motorbike on Siargao
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Where is it?

The Palm Tree Road Siargao is located just a short 25-minute ride out of General Luna (the main tourist hub). You'll find it between other attractions including the Palm Tree Lookout and the famous Bent Palm Tree on Maasin River.

  • Google Maps Pin: "Coconut Selfie v1"

The particular coconut palm road you're looking for is just a section of the Siargao Circumferential Road, which wraps around the island.

Above I've included the pin for the exact location to help you find it.

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Tips for Snapping an epic Photo

So, you've found the famous Palm Tree Road Siargao? Time to snap some photos. Here are some tips to help you get a great shot

  • Aim to get here early as the best lighting will be just after sunrise. This way, you can stop at the Palm Tree Lookout just before the road to catch sunrise there as well.
  • Bring a drone– most of those great shots you've seen online are taken from the air. This gives the best perspectives of the symmetry and straight lines of coconut palms.
  • Get creative– most of the photos I've uploaded here were taken quite a while back. Since then, there's almost a million different photos of the exact same angle. Challenge yourself and get creative as a photographer to take advantage of this awesome spot! I'll definitely be trying to snap some unique angles next time I'm visiting the Siargao Palm Tree Road.
  • Be careful– I'm not here to lecture you and this kind of goes without saying too. This is a main road on Siargao and you'll want to make sure you're not disturbing any traffic, be it motorbikes, cars or buffalo carts!

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Burgos Coconut Road Siargao

More Things to do Near the Siargao Palm Tree Road

As I mentioned, there are so many more things to do in this area. While we actually ended up driving down this road countless times while exploring the island, here's an independent itinerary to round up a good day of exploring.

  • Sunrise: Palm Tree Lookout
  • Golden Hour: Siargao Palm Tree Road
  • Morning: Bent Palm Tree Swing
  • Day: Magpupungko Rock Pools or Tayangban Caves
  • Afternoon: Taktak Waterfall & Pacifico Beach
  • Late afternoon: Bent Palm Tree Swing
  • Evening: Unwind at General Luna
Coconut Palm Tree Road on Siargao

Nearby: Palm Tree Viewpoint

Where to Stay on Siargao

When planning accommodation on Siargao, you'll want to know that the main tourist hub is called General Luna. Here, there is solid tourism infrastructure like hotels, resorts, guest houses, restaurants, clubs, bars and tour offices. Below are my favorite picks for where to stay.

Tip: I've written a comprehensive Siargao accommodation guide as well which goes into a lot more detail on places to stay, don't miss it!

  • Luxury Villas: Las Palmas Villas and Casitas Siargao - every popular luxury villas located within 100 meters from the beach. Includes swimming pool, bar, and tropical gardens.
  • Luxury Resort: Kalipay Resort - the best tropical suites in Siargao, located in an excellent central location that is quiet at night but still very close to everything you need.
  • Mid-range beach house: Surfing Carabao Beach Houses - beachfront tropical huts on Malinao beach with air conditioning and an awesome surf vibe.
  • Hostel With a Vibe: Ilakai Hostel - the best hostel in General Luna with very impressive reviews.

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I hope that you've enjoyed this quick and easy guide to visiting the famous Palm Tree Road Siargao. For more travel guides, adventure inspiration, and a few hidden gems, check out some of my other guides and blog posts from Siargao and the Philippines below.