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Mork Fa Waterfall Chiang Mai – Complete Guide

Mork Fa Waterfall Chiang Mai – Complete Guide

Mork Fa Waterfall is by far one of the best hidden gems in Chiang Mai. Located only a short 50-minute scooter ride away, Mork Fa Falls is a must if you’re looking for a real jungle waterfall away from the crowds of Doi Suthep.

We visited Mork Fa waterfall on a day trip from Chiang Mai, right after stopping at Bua Tong Waterfall (Sticky Waterfall). If you’re up for a full waterfall-chasing day trip, then it’s definitely worth checking out both of these waterfalls on your trip north of Chiang Mai (more on that later).

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Where is Mork Fa Waterfall?

Mork Fa Waterfall is located deep in the jungle of the Doi Suthep–Pui National Park. However, it's a little bit further than the other waterfalls around Doi Suthep. In fact, it takes around 50 minutes to get here from the Old City in Chiang Mai by motorbike or car.

That being said, you can drive nearly all the way to the waterfall down the mountain road, with only a short 10-minute walk from the entrance car park to the waterfall. The best way to find it is to follow the map pin or to use Google Maps. If you get lost, follow the directions below.

Tip: This waterfall is a great stop if you are taking the trip from Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai to Pai.

Mork fa waterfall map

How to Get to the Mork Fa Waterfall

The best way to get to Mork Fa waterfall is to rent a motorbike or moped in Chiang Mai and ride here yourself. Since this waterfall is way off the regular tourist beat, you'll be hard-pressed to find a tour company that runs tours here.

However, if you're confident on a motorbike and willing to explore a waterfall well off the beaten track, then visiting Mork Fa waterfall from Chiang Mai is well worth it.


  • Take the 1001 or the 107 leading from Chiang Mai Old City Northbound
  • Turn left on the 1095 leading West
  • Follow this road until you see signs for Mork Fa Waterfall on your left
  • Continue down the winding forest road until you reach the parking lot for Mork Fa Waterfall

Travel Tip: The regular motorbike rental price in Chiang Mai is 200-300 Thai Baht per day. I'd suggest going with at least a 100 CC bike like a Honda Click since a large part of this journey is via the freeway.

Girl standing beneath mork fa waterfall in chiang mai, thailand
Mork Fa Waterfall and Swimming Hole

Mork Fa Waterfall Entrance Fee

Currently, the entrance fee for this waterfall is 100 Baht per person, 20 THB to park a scooter and 30 THB for a car. This is the updated price, and when we visited the price was 200 THB, so it's dropped!

Still, this is more expensive than other waterfalls in the area, but we thought it was well worth it since you can spend a fair bit of time here relaxing in shallow water, showering beneath the waterfall, and exploring the nearby caves.

Mork fa waterfall

My Experience at Mork Fa Waterfall Chiang Mai

Waterfall Height: 60 meters
Pool Depth: ~ 1 metre

After a long ride on the motorbike, we were excited to visit the waterfall and go for a swim!

After paying the entrance fee, walk right, following the wooden signposts that lead to the waterfall after roughly 10 minutes (500 meter track). The way isn't paved so it's not wheelchair-friendly.

Mork fa waterfall chiang mai thialand
Mork Fa Waterfall

Mork Fa Waterfall is a tall, plunging waterfall located on the river Nam Sai. Upon arriving, you'll we noticed a huge semi-circular cut-out in the rock face, which forms a large amphitheater in the middle of the jungle.

There is thick jungle vegetation growing up on all the cliffsides, which creates a pretty magic scene. At the bank of the waterfall pool, you'll find soft, white sand, just like the beach! This makes it a great place to chill out, swim and relax.

The pool is easily deep enough to swim in. You can even swim behind the base of the waterfall and climb up the small rock which rests behind it.

You won't find many foreign tourists visiting this hidden waterfall. When we were here in peak season, we only saw one other group of Thai tourists!

Mork fa waterfall chiang mai thailand

Don't Miss Tham Mok Fa (Bat Cave)

Think you're ready to leave? Don't miss the Mok Fa Cave (Mork Fa Cave).

On the way out, you'll see a wooden signpost pointing left and leading you up the cliffside to a large cave. Follow this new path around the bend until you reach the entrance.

Mok fa cave chiang mai thailand
Track to Mok Fa Cave

At the cave entrance, you'll have a great view of the waterfall from above. If you struggled to fit the entire 60-meter waterfall in a single frame from below, this might be your chance to redeem yourself.

Mork fa waterfall view from mok fa cave doi suthep national park, chiang mai

The Mok Fa cave itself isn't huge, but it's worth checking out. There are two large caverns with epic light rays shining in if you visit in the early morning. The cave is also home to hundreds of resident bats, so make sure you watch out for any sneaky ones ready to drop a surprise on your head.

Mok fa cave batcave chiang mai

DIY Waterfall Day Trip from Chiang Mai

As mentioned at the beginning of this waterfall guide, it's possible to visit the Sticky Waterfall (Bua Tong) and Mork Fa Waterfall Chiang Mai on a one-day trip from Chiang Mai. I'd suggest visiting Bua Tong first and then heading west from here to Mork Fa.

This way, you'll beat the crowds to the busier Sticky Waterfall, while also cutting the travel time down back to Chiang Mai at the end of the day.


What makes Mork Fa Waterfall worth visiting?

Mork Fa Waterfall is an impressive natural waterfall set in the lush jungle of Doi Suthep-Pui National Park and away from the regular tourist trail. It's ideal if you're looking to escape the crowds and cool off at a waterfall with a sandy beach and no rocks.

How long does a visit to Mork Fa Waterfall take?

While it takes about 50 minutes to get to the waterfall from Chiang Mai, you can expect to spend around an hour or so here. The visit can be quite short, but to make the most of your trip, consider packing a lunch and spending a few hours exploring the trails, swimming, or relaxing by the water.

What is the best time to visit Mork Fa Waterfall?

The waterfall can be visited year-round, but keep in mind that the water appearance changes with the seasons. The dry season may have less water flow, but it's still worth the visit. During the rainy season, the water is abundant but can appear muddy, and there's a higher risk of slippery paths and falling branches.

Where to Stay in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the capital of the Northern Thailand tourist trail, and also a huge Digital Nomad hub. As you might expect, there are some excellent accommodation picks in and around the city from luxury and boutique hotels to epic backpacker hotels. Below are three of the top places to stay for various budgets.

Por thapae gate chiang mai

1. POR Thapae Gate Luxury

With over 700 reviews this is the ultimate luxury hotel located 200m from Tha Pae Gate. The hotel provides an outdoor swimming pool, free bike rental, and an exceptional breakfast.

Outdoor swimming pool at rimping village, chiang mai

2. Rimping Village Mid-Range

Just a 10-minute walk from the Night Bazaar this hotel offers a large outdoor swimming pool, an on-site restaurant, and spectacular outdoor seating areas. Away from the crowds, this is a perfect place to unwind and relax.

Green sleep hostel, chiang mai

3. Green Sleep Hostel Budget

Situated in the heart of Chang Mai this hostel boasts a fully equipped kitchen, co-working space, communal area, and comfortable beds. A top pick for backpackers wanting a cheap and comfortable stay.

I hope you found this Mork Fa Waterfall Chiang Mai Guide useful. If you're looking for more things to do or tours in Chiang Mai we have you covered. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment!

If you're looking for more waterfalls near Chiang Mai, check out the ones in Doi Inthanon: Mae Klang and Wachirathan.

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