Montpellier Falls is a tall and magestic waterfall located in the Alegria Muncipality in Cebu. Strangely, this waterfall is still very quiet, and doesn’t even have a pin on Google Maps yet.

Where is Montpellier Falls?

It’s not the easiest waterfall to find without the right directions. So, you might be wondering, “Where is Montpellier Falls?” The waterfall is located roughly one hour drive or moped ride from Moalboal.

From Moalboal, you can head south for roughly 45 minutes, past Kawasan Falls and the popular canyoneering spots. This waterfall is largely unmarked, however, I’ve taken the liberty to pin the location on the map below to help you find it.

If you follow the direction from the pin, you can’t go wrong. From the coast, it’s a 20-minute ride up the windy road through the mountains. Keep an eye out for a bamboo hut with a painted sign on the edge of the cliff. This will be the spot to park your car or motorbike.

After parking, you can walk down the mountain path for 15 minutes, passing palms and Cebu jungle on the way. There is a small local community on the path. If you get lost, simply ask one of the kids.

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Exploring Montpellier Falls with Jackson Groves from and Josh Lynott

Montpellier Falls

As soon as you begin your descent you will no doubt already hear the steep flow of water coming from the waterfall.

Montpellier Falls is a tall, but thin waterfall flowing from a funneled point on the steep limestone cliff. The water drops directly onto a large boulder that is half-submerged in the aqua-blue water. It definitely looks like something out of the Jungle Book.

The swimming hole is definitely deep enough to swim, and it’s a great spot to cool down on a hot day in Cebu. The surrounding landscape is thick, untouched jungle littered with palm trees and dense tropical flora.

Montpellier Waterfall swimming


A Waterfall Adventure Day

Since it takes over an hour to reach Montpellier Falls, why not check out some nearby waterfalls? We chose to check out Montpellier directly after Cambais Falls, which is less than 30-minutes away.

However, if you’re coming from Cambais to Montpellier, it’s best to simply take the interior roads and use Google Maps and the help of locals to find Montpellier.

In my opinion, it’s probably better to check out Cambais first, as to avoid any backtracking. To get here, click on the link above.

Montpellier Falls Adventure Bag jackson groves

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