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Mljet National Park on Mljet Island, Croatia: Complete Guide

Mljet National Park on Mljet Island, Croatia: Complete Guide

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

Discover everything you need to know about Mljet National Park on the Croatian island of Mljet and find the top things to do and see for your visit!

Mljet National Park is a beautiful park covering the majority of the northwest part of Mljet Island. The island is both the southernmost and the easternmost Adriatic island in the Dalmatian region of Croatia. Although mostly known for its two picturesque saltwater lakes Veliko and Malo Jezero, Mljet National Park has plenty to offer, including exploring its lakeside paths by bike, hiking, and cave exploring.

In this travel guide, I’ll reveal to you the top things to do in Mljet National Park, as well as some useful tips and information on how to get here, what to expect, and where to stay.

Mljet national park, croatia

About Mljet National Park (Croatia)

The Island of Mljet is located near the Pelješac peninsula, which is part of the southern section of the Dalmatian Coast. Known as Croatia's greenest and one of the largest islands, Mljet harbors a diverse range of Mediterranean vegetation and Aleppo Pine forests covering an area of approximately 5,300 hectares.

To access the park, local authorities require an entrance ticket, which you can purchase at a kiosk in Sobra, Pomena, or Polače. There have recently been changes to the entrance fee structure and it is more expensive now.

Mljet National Park Entrance Fee: 15 euros
Opening Hours: 8 am to 9 pm (high season) & 9 am to 5 pm (low season)

The primary natural attractions of this nature park are the two saltwater lakes Veliko Jezero (Big Lake or Great Lake), and Malo Jazero (Small Lake). These lakes cover a large area of approximately 4 kilometers.

Additionally, within the Veliko Jezero, visitors will find a small island called Sveta Marija, or Islet Melita, which contains a beautiful former 12th-century Benedictine monastery called Crkva Sveta Marije.

Cross monument at national park mljet

How to get to National Park Mljet

Being the southernmost of the larger Croatian islands, travelers will need to take a boat to get to Mljet.

The most popular ways to get here are on one of the popular Croatia cruise and sailing routes, chartering your own boat, or taking a day trip from Dubrovnik or the nearby islands.

There isn't an official entrance to the park. Instead, visitors can enter the National Park by taking a bike or taxi from the main port in Sobra, or via the entrance points at Pomena and Polače.

Below I'll go into a little more detail regarding each of these options.

Boat at harbor

1. Day Trip from Dubrovnik, Korčula, or Hvar

Another great option for getting to Mljet is to take a day trip from Dubrovnik or one of the other popular islands.

Due to the distance, most of these tours are a whole day affair, which is great since you'll also get to see a lot of the Croatian coastline on the way.

Book: NP Day Trip from Dubrovnik
Book: NP Day Trip from Korčula

Travel tip: If you find yourself in Dubrovnik, Robert from Hidden Marine runs one of the top-rated speed-boat tours with the option of including National Park Mljet and the famous Odysseus Cave.

Speedboat on the croatian coastline

2. On a Croatia Sailing Cruise

By far, the best way to see all of the amazing Dalmatian highlights is to book a Croatia sailing cruise.

While there are many to choose from, I've had a great experience with Dalmatian coast cruises from Sail Croatia. This company is highly regarded as one of the best in the Adriatic Sea and offers several ship and sail options including Navigator (for partying), Explorer (for adventure), and Elegance (for luxury).

To see the most I could in a week of sailing, I opted for the Explorer cruise from Dubrovnik to Split, stopping by Mljet Island on day two.

Cruise boat in croatia

3. Public Ferry

One of the great things about traveling in the Croatian Islands is the extensive network of public ferries available.

You'll find several ferry options to Mljet from places like Bol (Brac), Dubrovnik, Hvar, Split, and Stari Grad.

Public ferry terminal in croatia
Ferry at nearby Vis Island

Mljet National Park Map

The green island of Mljet covers quite a large area, with several paved foot and bike paths, as well as a variety of hiking trails.

Below is the Mljet National Park map that you'll find near the entrance. This covers the entire National Park, which makes up the top third of the island. You'll notice that the hiking trails are also well-marked on this map.

Mljet national park map

10 Fun Things to Do in Mljet National Park

So, with the logistics out of the way, let's dive into this list of things to do in Mljet National Park, Croatia!

As you'll find out, Mljet NP is one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia and are a little different from other popular places like Plitvice and Krka.

To visit most of the popular attractions, vantage points, and areas, I recommend spending a whole day here as we did. Although it was a big day, we managed to see a lot, including both lakes with plenty of time for photos!

Mljet national park

1. Rent a Bike to Explore the National Park

By far, one of the best ways to explore Mljet National Park is to rent a bicycle.

That's because there are plenty of footpaths which are perfect for riding and exploring. This is how we got around the park, and I'd consider it essential if you want to visit more than just the main lakes.

You'll find bike rental places in the main port and within the park itself. Cost is around 25 euros per day.

Bikes at the big lake in mljet np

2. Malo Jezero (the Small Lake)

Malo Jezero is the smallest of the two saltwater lakes at Mljet National Park. However, this lake is arguably the most beautiful, due to its bright, turquoise waters that almost reminded me of Sugba Lagoon in the Philippines.

You can ride around the outside perimeter of this small lake and swimming is permitted.

Male jezero lake in mljet national park

3. Veliko Jezero (The Big Lake)

Veliko Jezero is the big lake in Mljet NP. Connected via a narrow channel, Veliko Jezero is much larger and deeper than Malo Jezero.

Along the edge, you'll find plenty of nice, secluded swim spots that are very inviting.

Veliko jezero, the big lake in mljet national park

4. Benedictine Monastery on St Mary Island (Crkva Sv. Marija)

One of the best things to do in Mljet National Park is to visit St Mary Island (Sveta Marija).

This is a small island situated in a cove section of Veiko Jezero (the big lake).

To get here, you'll need to take a short boat ride from the bike path or from the Pristaniste ferry port, crossing over the middle of the large lake.

For those on the footpath, look out for a red flag, which you can pick up and wave to signal the boat drivers to pick you up. This ferry is included in your entrance ticket and therefore you don't need to pay any additional cost.

Once you arrive on the small island, you are free to explore the old monastery and the attached restaurant. This is also a great spot for swimming!

St mary island (sveta marija) and the benedictine monastery

5. Mali Most (The Small Bridge)

At the eastern end of the big lake, you'll find Mali Most (translates to small bridge), an old bridge crossing a narrow channel.

Not only does Mali Most serve as an essential part of the route circling the lakes, but it is also a great place to swim.

Due to the narrow passage of water, the tidal currents get very strong, meaning you can drift in and out of the lake.

Mali most bridge on mljet island croatia
Old black and white image of mali most in croatia
Mali Most in its original form

6. Hike up the Hills

Hiking is one of the main activities on offer at Mljet National Park. If you scroll up to the map above, you'll see many marked routes, namely A, B, C, D, & E. These are well-maintained tracks with noticeable markers, making them easy to follow for all skill levels.

Since we only had one day in the park, we decided to hike up to the tallest hill closest to the salt lakes. This trail is called Mt. Montokuc, and it's a green hill covered in Aleppo Pine forest reaching a height of 256 meters above sea level.

This offered great views for us and I highly recommend taking this hiking route if you're looking for adventurous things to do on Mljet Island!

Hiking in mljet island, croatia

From the top, we were gifted with excellent views across the entire northeastern part of the island, including Veliko Jezero and Malo Jazero. To the south, the secluded bays of Blace were visible, as well as the two rocky outcrops named Utrnji Školj and Vrjanji Školj.

Tip: Scroll to the top of this post to see the hiking trail map.

View of the coastline from mt. Montokuc, mljet national park

7. Spilice Cave

While we were riding around National Park Mljet, we discovered a large cave that even Google doesn't seem to be aware of yet.

This cave is called and it reaches down to a depth of at least 70 meters. To get here, follow the paved path to the right after crossing Mali Most on an anti-clockwise route of the lake.

Continue for approximately 300 meters and you'll see a small trail leading up and into the forest. In less than 3 minutes you'll arrive at the entrance to the cave, which you can enter and explore at your will.

Tip: The deeper sections of the cave get very dark, so I'd recommend bringing a headlamp if you have one!

Spilice cave, mljet island

8. Visit Govedari, Pomena, Polače, and Soline

There are several small villages in Mljet National Park. Chances are, you'll pass several of these along the path when riding your bicycle. The most notable villages within the park and surrounds are Govedari, Pomena, and Soline.

Here, you'll find many local restaurants, souvenir shops, and local houses.

Polače is the oldest settlement on Mljet Island, dating back to the Greek and Illyrian period, and currently features several Roman-era buildings.

It's also possible to book sports activities, including kayak rentals (or tours), a hiking tour, or a boat tour from Pomena.

Pomena town on mljet island
Pomena town in mljet

9. Odysseys Cave

While not technically part of Mljet National Park, the Odyssey's Cave is one of the biggest attractions on the island.

This cave is steeped in Greek mythology, as told by one of their greatest ancient poets, Homer. In fact, the name comes from the ancient tale of Odysseus and Calypso. Similar to the Calypso's Cave on Gozo Island, Malta.

You'll find Odyssey's sea cave on the southern Mljet coastline near Babino Polje. There are also many sandy beaches in the area, so it's worth taking a look!

10. Enjoy the Sunset

I think it's safe to say that Mljet attracts the type of crowd who are looking to get away and enjoy nature.

After a long day of hiking, biking, kayaking, or sailing, one of the best things to do in NP Mljet is to simply enjoy the Dalmatian island sunsets. Unfortunately, the National Park is usually closed in the evenings.

However, I recommend heading down to the pier at Pomena for amazing sunsets.

Sunset adriatic sea
Sunset croatia

Where to Stay at Mljet National Park

While there are plenty of places to stay on Mljet Island, if you are visiting to explore the National Park, I recommend staying in Pomena, Polače, or Goveđari. Below are the top accommodation options of NP Mljet.

Hotel odisej aerial view on the water

1. Hotel Odisej Pomena

Located on the waterfront near Pomena, this hotel offers amazing views in arguably the best location on the island.

Room with sea view at apartments lorena mljet

2. Apartments Lorena Mljet Pomena

Located along the waterfront in Pomena this apartment offers air-conditioned rooms and water views. With a fully equipped kitchen and lounge area it is hard to beat.

Bedroom at rooms karla mljet

3. Rooms Karla Polače

Situated in Polače, Rooms Karla offers fully equipped apartments with balconies that offer sea views and a comfortable living space.

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