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How to Plan a Loboc River Cruise in Bohol, Philippines

How to Plan a Loboc River Cruise in Bohol, Philippines

Olly Gaspar

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Thinking about joining in on a Loboc River cruise on your next Bohol trip? Read this quick guide on what to expect, as well as some useful tips on how to get the best experience.

For many, a Loboc River cruise is a highlight of their Bohol adventures. Personally, this was one of my favorite activities on Bohol Island due to the amazing natural beauty of the Loboc River and its surroundings.

The experience involves a short up-and-back trip on board a catamaran-style floating restaurant with a woven roof. We got lunch, great views, and some entertainment, here’s what you need to know.

Loboc river cruise on bohol island

Where is Loboc River?

Loboc River is a jungle river that snakes itself all the way from Carmen near the Chocolate Hills, to the beaches of Southern Bohol. For those looking to jump on a Loboc River cruise, you can head to the small town of Tay Tay.

Due to the growing popularity, there is an increasing amount of resorts and tourist-oriented restaurants and activities in this once small quiet river town. There are a few different boats that operate cruises down the river and also SUPs for rent.

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How to Get to the River

To get to Tay Tay, it will take approximately one hour and 20 minutes by tricycle. Expect around an hour depending on Tagbilaran traffic if you're looking to ride here yourself.

Alternatively, many tourists visiting Bohol choose to just book a Bohol Land Tour which includes a full-day guided tour and transport to all of the Bohol highlights including:

Although the online price is very reasonable, it might be possible to negotiate a cheaper price on the street. Just make sure to check what's included in advance. In my opinion, this tour is definitely worth the money, especially if you plan to check out most of the other highlights anyway.

Alternatively, if you're in Cebu and planning your Bohol trip, check out this private trip to Bohol from Cebu which includes a trip down the Loboc River!

How to Book a Loboc River Cruise

As soon as you arrive at Loboc River, you'll no doubt be asked if you would like a "river cruise" or "boat ride" by many of the locals.

The small bamboo terminal is just over the Loay bridge from the main part of town. This is the official place where you can buy a ticket for a Loboc River cruise from several operators. You will see it on the map above.

Current boat rates: There are several boat or "banca" operators. They are essentially just large rafts pushed down the river by another small boat behind it. The fee has increased a lot in recent years and is now 1,000 PHP per person including a buffet lunch on the boat.

Boat on loboc river

My Experience Cruising Down the Loboc River

In my opinion, the Loboc River is one of the most beautiful rivers in the Philippines. The banks are surrounded by overhanging palm trees and local fishermen make their way down the forest banks.

Once the boat leaves the dock, we were treated to our buffet lunch. The lunch consited of mostly local food including chicken, salads, rice, and fish.

Along the way, we stopped at small riverside banks where singing groups perform and dance.

Although this felt a little like a tourist trap at first, it was nice to hear that these groups are paid for their performances and overall it added a nice cultural aspect to the tour.

After around an hour, the banca will reach Busay Falls. Don't get too excited. These waterfalls are spectacularly unimpressive. However, it's still a beautiful spot that makes a worthwhile turnaround point.

Cruising down loboc river
Loboc river cruise on bohol island

Nearby Zipline

Recently, there has also been a zip-line installed that runs over the Loboc River. Although I didn't check it out, it looked fairly impressive. If you decide to give it a shot, let me know how it was!

Loboc river with palm trees
Loboc river cruise

More Things to Do in Bohol

I hope that this guide to a Loboc River cruise in Bohol has been useful for planning your next trip. For more Bohol travel guides and blogs, take a pick from the list below.

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