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Kilwun & Sesere Waterfalls: Hidden Falls in Lombok

Kilwun & Sesere Waterfalls: Hidden Falls in Lombok

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

A quick guide to visiting the hidden waterfalls at Benang Stokel– Kilwun & Sesere Waterfalls, Lombok.

Kilwun Waterfall and Sesere Waterfall are two secret waterfalls that take a little bit of local know-how to find. They are “secret” waterfalls because both falls are a little off the main path at the popular Geopark for Benang Stokel & Benang Kelambu waterfalls in North Lombok.

How to Get to Benang Stokel & Benang Kelambu Waterfall Area

Benang Stokel & Belang Kelambu are located in central Lombok, and one of the best ways to get here is to book a short trekking tour. This trip includes transport, a guide, entrance fees, and parking fees, which can really add up if you're visiting on your own.

This trip leads you to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Lombok. And, at an altitude of around 500 meters, it's one of the cooler places to swim in lush, jungle surrounds.

How to Find Kilwun Waterfall and Sesere Waterfall

If you don't have a local guide and are relying on the maps and boards, finding Kilwun Waterfall and Sesere Waterfall will be a difficult task.

While both are marked on the overhead map, there is no signage indicating the correct path.

Sesere waterfall lombok
Sesere Waterfall
Kliwun waterfall lombok
Kilwun Waterfall

The best direction you'll find is to take the path from Benang Stokel Waterfall to Benang Kelambu, past the banana plantations. After you pass some food and tourist stalls, roughly three-quarters of the way, you'll see a small, unobvious path leading left.

Keep in mind that there are two of these unsigned paths, the first one you see is not the correct path. Walk past this one, and continue a little further until you see the next one, just after a small descent.

The path quickly becomes steep and leads down to Kilwun and Sesere Waterfalls. If you find yourself walking on a flat, windy path through banana fields, you've taken the wrong path.

The route down is steep and sandy. It's definitely not set up like the other main waterfalls here. I could imagine that it wouldn't be too difficult to slip down, so hold on.

Kliwun waterfall lombok

After descending, you'll reach a small flowing creek. Here, you will hear Kilwun Waterfall roaring around the corner. You can either keep descending to the valley below, where you'll find Sesere Waterfall. Or, if you follow the creek bend right, you'll reach Kilwun Waterfall.

I told you they were secret. If you're not confident in finding it yourself, I'd recommend getting a local guide.

Sesere waterfall lombok
Motorbike on lombok

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Kilwun Waterfall

Out of all five waterfalls in this area, Kilwun Waterfall is my personal favorite. It's a small 11-meter waterfall in a lush, narrow canyon. The water plunges hard into a knee-heigh pool, which spills gently down the mountain and ends up at Sesere Waterfall.

We spent a good 30 minutes admiring this waterfall and grabbing some photos of the warm light rays creeping their way through the thick treeline.

Kliwun waterfall lombok

Sesere Waterfall

As mentioned, if you continue down the secret, steep route, you'll reach Sesere Waterfall after about 5 minutes.

Sesere is another small, thinner waterfall. However, it's a good place to cool off since it has a pool which is deep enough to lay in. In saying that, it's not deep enough to jump or really swim. Since the flow is not as heavy as the others, you can also stand under the rock and get a natural waterfall massage.

Sesere waterfall lombok

More Photos From My Trip to Kilwun & Sesere Falls

Were you able to find the Kilwun and Sesere Waterfalls? Tourism in this area is changing all the time. Locals might add in more signage, but for now, this is the most updated guide you'll find online. If things have changed when you visit, please let me know so I can update this post!

Sesere waterfall lombok
Kliwun waterfall lombok

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Waterfall kliwun and sesere lombok
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