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Evercreech Falls, White Knights Walk & Camping at Evercreech Forest Reserve

Evercreech Falls, White Knights Walk & Camping at Evercreech Forest Reserve

Evercreech Forest Reserve is an incredibly underrated forest area in North Eastern Tasmania offering two scenic rainforest walks and great camping. Read this complete guide to visiting Evercreech Forest, including photos and information about the White Knights Walk and Evercreech Falls.

Initially, Evercreech Forest Reserve was intended to be a quick stop to check out Evercreech Falls and the famous “White Knights of Evercreech”. However, after seeing just how beautiful the reserve was, and the fact that we’d have it all to ourselves, we couldn’t help but stay the night.

In this blog post, I’ll outline everything on offer at the Evercreech Forest, including the short hikes to both Evercreech Falls and the towering white gums known as the “White Knights”.

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About the Evercreech Forest Reserve

Evercreech Forest is recognised as a state reserve, rather than a National Park. In saying that, we thought it could stand up there with some of the best National Parks in the state!

The area is surrounded by dense bushland and wet forests, alongside the headwaters of the South Esk River. There are fern trees and tall, white gums as far as the eye can see. It's truly a spectacular spot.

Evercreech walks

Being a state reserve means that Evercreech is protected by the state of Tasmania. However, you are still able to bring pets and have a fire at the campsites. It's also a free camping area, which means that you can enjoy all of this overnight for free!

Facilities include a large undercover hut with tables and a fireplace, drop toilets and large, flat campsites with firepits (with metal grill plates).

Camping at evercreech state forest

Where is Evercreech Forest Reserve?

The forest is located near Mathinna in Tasmania's northeast, approximately 95 kilometres from Launceston or 37 kilometres from St Helens.

Map of evercreech forest reserve in tasmania

How to Get to Evercreech Forest Reserve

The road in follows well-maintained unsealed gravel roads used extensively by loggers in the region. We managed the trip in our large campervan, so most 2WDs should have no problem.

The best way to reach the site is to drive to Mathinna and then head east on Mathinna Road (sealed). Next, turn left onto the unsealed Evercreech Road and continue on this for 10 kilometres before arriving at your destination.

Since we were coming from the Bay of Fires, we took a longer route which involved much more gravel road. From St Helens, we took Argonaut Road, which followed onto Mt Albert Road, then finally the last 10 kilometre stretch to Evercreech. All of this was unsealed, yet well maintained and not too much trouble.

Just keep an eye out for logging trucks!

Evercreech 1
Source: Tas Parks

Things to do At Evercreech Forest

Evercreech Falls Loop

The Evercreech Falls loop is a scenic forest walk along mostly flat forest ground. The begins at the far end of the campsite and follows a 3.5 km loop (40 minutes) around the banks of the Evercreech Rivulet. Roughly halfway there is a well-signed fork leading to Evercreech Falls.

Evercreech falls track
Evercreech state forest 6189
Fungus on the evercreech state forest reserve

The track is easily managed by most. However, there is a section where you have to cross the river which might prove difficult for some. To help, there's a fixed line which you can use to balance along the rocks as you cross.

River crossing evercreech state reserve
River crossing evercreech state reserve

Overall, the Evercreech Falls loop is very picturesque and showcases the very best of the natural beauty of the region. The river is lined with tall fern trees and dense forest shrubs in a way that frames a great photo at almost every angle.

Evercreech forest reserve
Evercreech forest walks to the waterfall
Fungus on the evercreech state reserve forest hike
Evercreech falls track

Tip: Keep an eye out for tiger snakes and wear gators if you have them. We spotted two big ones basking right in the middle of the track.

Sunrise at mount amos tasmania

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Evercreech Falls

Arriving at Evercreech Falls is like stepping into a hidden waterfall nook. The waterfall soon reveals itself, snaking down a steep, exposed slope before dropping into a shallow pool at the base.

Evercreech falls tasmania

While perhaps not the most epic waterfall in Tasmania, Evercreech Falls is certainly a very pretty one. The lush forest greens surrounding the falls create a scene worthy of a fairytale.

Evercreech falls waterfall tasmania
Evercreech falls waterfall tasmania
Evercreech falls, evercreech state reserve, tasmania
Evercreech falls waterfall tasmania
Evercreech falls tasmania

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White Knights Walk

The "White Knights of Evercreech" refers to five of Australia's largest White Gums, or Manna Gums (Eucalyptus viminalis). They stand over 90 metres tall and some of the thicker ones are over 300 years old. In a way, the Knights now guard the Evercreech Forest Reserve since their protected status meant the area was spared from logging.

White knights of evercreech

This trail is another loop track, which wraps gently through the forest to the base of the giant gums before climbing a small hill above. This track is only about 1 kilometre in length. However, it's possible to see the white colossuses early on in the track after about five minutes.

White knights walk evercreech state reserve
White knights walk evercreech state reserve
White gums evercreech state reserve hike

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Camping at Evercreech Forest Reserve

Perhaps one of the best things to do in Evercreech Forest Reserve is to stay overnight at the free campground.

There are several flat campsites with fire pits where you can pitch a tent. However, these grassy areas are fenced off from vehicles to protect the damp, mossy ground. We chose to simply park our campervan in one of the large gravel parking bays beside the rivulet at the far end of the campsite, which was a great spot.

Evercreech state reserve hut
Huge outdoor hut at evercreech camp ground

Truthfully, our stay was one of the most magnificent on our journey around Tasmania. It's very quiet here and there is no phone reception. We didn't see anyone else both in the day or overnight, we had the entire forest to ourselves!

Black brushtail possum at evercreech state reserve campground
Brushtail possum at evercreech state forest

The eerie yet freeing feeling of being alone with nothing more than the sounds of forest birds and flowing water allowed us to really detach and simply enjoy one of Tasmania's best hidden gems.

Camping at evercreech forest reserve

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Enjoy this quick guide to visiting Evercreech Forest Reserve and seeing Evercreech Falls and the renowned White Knights? Make sure to check out some of my other adventure blogs and articles below for more Tassie travel inspiration!

Otherwise, join along for the ride and read about our multi-month trip around Tasmania in our self-converted campervan!

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Wednesday 7th of April 2021

Thanks for this post - we had already decided to visit Evercreech, starting from St Helens, when we came across your blog. It gave us the confidence to drive the back roads there (a choice of several routes, but went with Argonaut, Mt Albert and Back Gully Ridge Rd in the end). A very worthwhile adventure, followed by a visit to Pyengana Dairy and St Colombia Falls.

Olly Gaspar

Sunday 11th of April 2021

I'm glad you found the post useful. It's definitely an adventure in this part of Tassie!