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16 Best Hotels in Santorini with Private Pools (Top 2023 Roundup)

16 Best Hotels in Santorini with Private Pools (Top 2023 Roundup)

The latest 2023 accommodation guide to exploring the 16 best hotels in Santorini with private pools.

It is difficult to deny that the island of Santorini is a stunning holiday destination. There are plenty of amazing experiences to be had here. This goes for the breath-taking sunsets, to strolling on the blissful white and black sand beaches that are plentiful on the island.

As one of the most impressive Greek islands, Santorini is filled with excellent caldera views, historic tourist attractions, and remarkable accommodation options. Many of these hotels and villas provide luxurious benefits depending on your budget, ranging from your own private swimming pool, to even on-demand in-room massages.

Before choosing a hotel for your stay, you should ensure to find one that meets your budget and your needs. In this post, I have compiled a list of the best Santorini hotels which I know you will love. So without further ado, let’s dive into them!

Santorini Honeymoon Suite
Olly Gaspar

I'm Olly, a full-time traveler for the past 5 years. I visit every destination I write about & handpick all recommendations.

The Quick Answer for Places to Stay in Santorini with a Private Pool

With so many options to choose from in Santorini, we have suggested our top picks below. You may choose a luxury choice if you're feeling like you want 5-star service, a unique boutique choice, or an adults-only hotel for those wanting to experience total relaxation all boasting private pool options.

Below are the top 3 places to stay in Santorini for hotels with a private pool.

Andronis Luxury Suites Pool View

1. Andronis luxury suites Luxury

Carved into the cliffs of Oia this luxury accommodation option is perfect for those on a honeymoon or celebrating an anniversary.

Cave suite at Nefeles Luxury Suites in Fira

2. Nefeles Luxury Suites Boutique

This boutique choice is hard to beat. Nestled on the cliffs of Fira with incredible Caldera and sea views from your own private pool.

Istoria Hotel with Private Pool

3. Istoria Hotel Adults-Only

Perfect for those wanting to escape the crowds and children. Boasting impeccable private pool suites with a modern design.

Best Areas to Stay In Santorini for Hotels with Private Pools

  • Oia - Located in the north of the island nestled on the rugged Volcanic clifftops and known for its famous Cycladic buildings. Oia is a popular choice for those looking for absolute luxury and postcard-perfect views from a cave hotel.
  • Fira - Known as the capital of Santorini Fira offers breathtaking views over the Caldera and is surrounded by picturesque blue dome churches. A great location choice for those wanting to be close to all of the town's attractions.
  • Imerovigli - A small less popular village voted the best place to stay for a honeymoon in Europe. Ideal for those looking to avoid the crowds and relax overlooking the idyllic Caldera.
  • Kamari - Known for having the most famous beach on the island Kamari is great for families and those wanting to listen to the waves away from the town crowds.
  • Perissa - Looking for a quiet area with luxury and budget hotels Perissa is a great choice. Perissa Beach is a much quieter choice and the Santorini sunrise viewpoint is just a short distance away.
  • Perivolos - A popular seaside village for adults looking to relax and unwind with crystal clear waters and incredible black sand beaches. Boasting traditional restaurants and watersport activity options.
  • Akrotiri - An excellent option for those wanting to step back in time and explore the historical buildings. It has great family accommodation options.
Santorini Hotels with Private Pools Areas Map

Oia - Caldera View Luxury Hotels with Private Pools

Oia is famous for its Cycladic buildings. It's a top choice for luxurious stays, the town offers postcard-perfect views, especially from cave hotels.

Andronis Luxury Suites Sunset viewsAndronis Luxury Suites$$$$
Abyss Cave Accommodation Oia SantoriniAbyss$$$$
Canaves Oia Suites Pool ViewsCanaves Oia Suites$$$$

1. Andronis Luxury Suites

Looking for a glamorous and grandeur stay in Santorini?

Andronis Luxury Suites is certainly one of the best places to stay on the island if you can afford it. You can choose from an expansive range of villas on offer here, from their most affordable Premier Suite option to the pricier Sunset Villa Socrates.

The benefits of staying in this villa are pretty extraordinary, to say the least, with a 60 square meter private terrace that leads onto a stunning caldera view.

One of the most impressive parts of Andronis Luxury Suites is the exclusive services that they offer. You can even book a private wine tasting session on your terrace depending on your chosen suite.

In addition to all of the above, many of the suites at Andronis have their own private pool. This is especially true for the honeymoon suite which has a private hot tub, and an indoor pool.

Now that is an awesome way of spending a romantic vacation!

2. Abyss

When discussing hotels in Santorini with private pools, Abyss is more than worthy of a mention.

This impressive little boutique hotel offers five different suites in total to choose from, each providing their own special amenities and benefits depending on your budget.

Choosing their Grand Villa option will provide you with your own private outdoor pool, stunning sea views, and the best panoramic view of the caldera in the entire hotel.

A great alternative option for those booking on a smaller budget is their junior suite. Not only does this suite contain all of the basics needed such as free wifi and a private bathroom, but it also has a mini-bar.

An added bonus is the photo opportunities are incredible

3. Canaves Oia Suites

Canaves Oia Suites & Spa is an undeniably stunning 5-star hotel in Oia, Santorini.

The good news about staying here is that even their smallest suite offers its own private outdoor swimming pool to enjoy. In addition to this, each of their 13 suites are newly renovated containing modern amenities such as flat-screen TVs, coffee machines, and even 24/7 room service.

The suites here are both smoothly designed and carefully furnished. This goes for the heavenly white walls in each of the rooms, to the comfortable outdoor seating areas providing spectacular views of the Aegean sea.

It is also important to mention that this hotel does feature a luxury spa inside. This makes it a perfect place to get a massage if you are craving some relaxation in your room.

Fira - Best Private Pools with Panoramic Views

Fira boasts stunning Caldera views and charming blue dome churches. It's an ideal location to be near with many restaurants and bars close by. It also features fantastic hotels with private pools.

Nefeles Luxury Suites sunset private pool viewNefeles Luxury Suites$$$
Views of pool and seating area Apeiron Blue SantoriniApeiron Blue Santorini$$$
Lilium Hotel Santorini outdoor private pool and caldera viewsLilium Hotel$$$

4. Nefeles Luxury Suites

If you are looking for a hotel with one of the best views of the caldera, Nefeles Luxury Suites in Fira might just be your answer. Nefeles is famously known for its stunning volcano views, and booking a room here is one of the best ways to see the island's volcano.

The reason for this is that it is built directly on the edge of the caldera, meaning you are going to get one of the most spacious outdoor views on the entire island. Besides the views alone, each of the suites comes with its own fancy private hot tubs, air conditioning, and dining area to enjoy a meal with your partner.

Every part of this hotel screams romance, and there is no denying that you and your partner will relish your time together here. Not only are all of the suites very couple-friendly, but it is also possible to request flower petals and candles to decorate your room.

In addition to this, it is possible to request a wedding planner and even an anniversary celebration planner from the hotel for a special occasion. How lovely is that!

5. Apeiron Blue Santorini

There are numerous reasons why Apeiron Blue Santorini is an unmissable option for you on your holiday.

While strolling around the hotel itself, you will find the smooth and silky design of the Cycladic architecture to be nothing short of stunning. As you continue walking, you will eventually arrive at the hotel's outdoor pool area.

The main pool here is said to be one of the largest swimming pools on the entire island, and you can bask here for as long as you want before heading back to your room.

A majority of the rooms and suites at Apeiron are extremely impressive. Both the honeymoon and superior suite offer private outdoor jacuzzis which are perfect for a relaxing evening dip.

Inside the rooms, you can expect spacious and well-designed settings with the prominent Cycladic room elements that we all crave from a Santorini vacation.

All Apeiron Blue suites also come with free parking, free Wi-Fi, morning breakfast, and a daily maid to satisfy your cleaning needs.

6. Lilium Hotel

If you are a view lover, Lilium Hotel is worth your visit.

Similar to Nefeles Luxury Suites, this fascinating hotel is also built directly on the edge of the caldera. This means the rooms not only provide a picturesque view of the Aegean Sea, but they also provide pretty significant sights of the nearby volcano.

What else makes Lilium special?

The hotel offers a luxurious infinity pool which can be accessed by anyone who has booked a room there. What's more, booking their signature Lilium Suite includes an exclusive, private outdoor plunge pool to cool off after a full day of exploring.

Hotels in Imerovigli, Santorini

Imerovigli - Stunning Private Pools with Volcano Views

Imerovigli is a charming village visited by tourists due to it being one of the top European honeymoon destinations. It's the perfect place to unwind and the hotels here have spectacular private pools with volcano views.

Cocoon Suites Imerovigli SantoriniCocoon Suites$$$$
Cavo Tagoo Santorini Private swimming pool suiteCavo Tagoo Santorini$$$$
Kapari Natural Resort outdoor swimming poolKapari Natural Resort$$$

7. Cocoon Suites

Cocoon Suites is not only an incredibly impressive place to stay, it is also located on the main road of Imerovigli town. This means the town center and some of its best restaurants are only a short walk away, making it an ideal location to spend the night in Santorini.

If the location alone isn't enough to spark your interest, you will be happy to know that this is by far one of the best luxury hotels in Imerovigli. Cocoon Suites combines both the style of cave pool suites with modern luxury, resulting in a villa experience, unlike most others on the island.

Each of the suites feature their own private plunge pool that makes enjoying the ocean views an even more remarkable occasion.

8. Cavo Tagoo Santorini

Another incredible cave-style option in Imerovigli is Cavo Tagoo Santorini. There are multiple reasons why this is one of the best places to stay for private pool suites, but allow me to go into detail. Above everything else, the private pools at this unique 5-star hotel offer insane views that are honestly hard to beat.

In addition to this, the fact these views are from your own personal suite, filled with everything you could possibly want makes them even more inspiring.

With all of these impressive aspects of the hotel, It is still important to mention that it does have a drawback, which is its distant location.

It is relatively far from the town center of Imerovigli.

This makes it more difficult to access the town by walking. However, there is a bus stop just 70 m from the property, if this isn't a concern to you, you can expect a very enjoyable stay here.

9. Kapari Natural Resort

For a more eco-friendly experience, Kapari Natural Resort is a hotel that fulfills these requirements. All of the rooms here are designed with natural materials, making them both comfortable and good for the planet.

Apart from the multiple onsite facilities to choose from, another useful aspect of Kapari is the location. The resort is close to some of the best tourist attractions in Imerovigli, including both the Thera Museum and the historically significant Skaros Rock.

If you are thinking about hiking Skaros Rock, I would personally advise arriving in the morning from the hotel. This is the best time to go as there are typically fewer tourists, and you can hike to the top and back much quicker.

Besides this, Kapari Natural Resort is a great place to spend a night or two for those wanting to relax with incredible views.

Kamari, Perissa & Perivolos - Adult-Only Hotels with Private Pools

Located away from the main tourist crowds Kamari, Perissa & Perivolos are known favorites for families, groups, and couples looking for relaxation close to spectacular beaches and vibrant dining options.

Adult Only Strogili Hotel with Private PoolStrogili Hotel$$$
Suite at Meltemi ExcelsiorMeltemi Excelsior Suites$$$
Istoria Hotel Bedroom with Private PoolIstoria Hotel$$$

10. Strogili Hotel

When discussing good and affordable hotels in Santorini with a private pool, Strogili Hotel is definitely one that comes to mind. This adults-only hotel has a large number of rooms to choose from, all coming with their own private balconies and sea views that are stunning to the eye.

The ideal location of this hotel is by far the best thing about it. Strogli is in the center of Oia town meaning practically anything you need is just a short walk away. You might even put the open-air cinema on your list of things to visit.

What else is impressive about coming here?

Free private parking, friendly staff, and its close distance from Kamari Beach complete it as one of the best Santorini luxury hotels that has a private pool.

11. Meltemi Excelsior Suites

Meltemi Excelsior Suites are known for providing simple and comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices. Both of their rooms provide either a private pool or a spa bath to enjoy, along with a cozy double bed and a miniature patio area.

Some additional facilities that Meltemi Excelsior Suites provide are onsite massages and their very own fitness center.

This is a nice combination if you are a fan of working out, and what better way to relax your tired muscles than with an in-room massage?

If you're looking for some activities to enjoy whilst visiting the island the Lost Atlantis Museum Experience is just a short 7-minute drive from the property.

12. Istoria Hotel

Although lesser known than a majority of other hotels on the island, Istoria Hotel makes up for it with the capturing design style of its suites. Not only do the suites resemble classic Cycladic architecture, but they are surprisingly large with the Storia Suite being a huge 45 square meters in length.

This is enough to fit three adults in this single space!

When you combine this with a smart TV with satellite channels and a private terrace hot tub, you are guaranteed to enjoy your time here with your friends or lover.

The hotel is situated just a short walk from the incredible Perívolos black sand beach.

Akrotiri - Best Family Suites with Private Pools

An excellent option for those wanting to step back in time and explore the historical buildings. It has great family accommodation options and is only a 20-minute drive to the popular Fira.

CAPE 9 Private Pool SuiteCAPE 9 Villas & Suites$$$$
Private Pool Suite at KalestesiaKalestesia Suites$$$
Private Pool at Hotel GoulielmosHotel Goulielmos$$$

13. CAPE 9 Villas & Suites

Do you like staying in exceptionally large villas and suites?

If you do, look no further than CAPE 9 Villas & Suites. What makes these villas unique and special is the fact that they are incredibly huge. Their biggest villa known as the Superior Family Villa is 90 meters squared in total and can fit five adults and a child at one time.

That is certainly generous if you ask me! This allows those traveling in larger groups a stress-free stay without needing to split up.

What is even more surprising about staying in the villas is the number of rooms and available facilities. It is normal to have two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a large private pool just for you, and your friends.

Better yet, the villa prices are surprisingly affordable for all of the amazing benefits offered!

14. Kalestesia Suites

When it comes to affordability, Kalestesia Suites offer some of the best suites out there. It is entirely possible to book their family elegant maisonette villa for 4-6 people for just over $200 a night.

This villa is enormously large, containing a mind-blowing amount of fancy amenities and facilities including your own private swimming pool.

Another interesting and unexpected fact is that the windows in this villa are also soundproof. Not bad if you want to sleep without the noise of waking neighbors.

The suites here provide a perfect recipe for an unforgettable stay and experience while on Santorini Island.

15. Hotel Goulielmos

Besides the 27 rooms that are offered by Hotel Goulielmos, another surprising factor is that they offer some pretty rad suites to match. This is especially true of their family suites which have some incredibly comfortable outdoor seating areas that go with your own private pool.

If you are with fewer people or are looking for a more budget-friendly option, you will be happy to know that their rooms offer considerably more than the typical hotel room. All of the rooms here give access to a private balcony and terrace, providing views of the vast Aegean waters.

To get the most out of your room, feel free to upgrade to either a Superior room or a Deluxe room, which comes with a private plunge pool to soak in.

For those wanting to cool down in the sea the quiet Caldera Beach is just a short 5-minute drive away.

Best Affordable Santorini Hotel with a Private Pool

16. Blue Waves

Looking for a Santorini Hotel with a private pool on a budget?

As an extremely affordable option on this list, Blue Waves is the choice for you if you are on a budget. Although this hotel doesn't feature some of the luxury benefits that the others on this list do, you will be happy to know that there are still some pretty amazing features that you can find here.

This handy budget-friendly hotel is located just a few short steps away from the stunning black sands of Kamari Beach. Blue Waves also has all of your much-needed daily facilities including housekeeping, laundry and tumble dryer services, and even car rental services.

The car rental service is particularly great, and even some of the more luxurious accommodations out there don't offer this service. Especially considering the fact that renting a car is one of the best ways of exploring the island.

Plan a Trip to Santorini

Fun, independent travel to Santorini is easy if you have the right tools and plan ahead.

Below are my recommended websites, apps, and travel booking resources that I personally use to plan a trip to Santorini.

Tip: Bookmark these pages for the future.

flights icon

Flights: Find & compare flight deals to Santorini using Skyscanner. Use the "search by month" feature to discover the cheapest day to fly.

hotel icon

Hotels: Travelers will find the best hotel deals in Santorini by booking online on or Expedia. I recommend using the map feature to find the best places to stay.

hostel icon

Hostels: When it comes to scoring epic deals on hostels and cheap stays your secret weapon is Hostelworld. If you're traveling to Santorini to meet people, use the “See Who's Going” function.

travel insurance icon

Travel Insurance: HeyMondo is my top recommendation for travel insurance for Santorini. They've got your back with comprehensive coverage, from unexpected flight hiccups to those "oops" moments. Click the link to get 5% OFF your policy.

esim icon

Internet & Connectivity: Stay connected as soon as you land in Santorini with Airalo's eSIMS. Download their app and grab an eSIM from the comfort of your own home, even before you set foot on foreign soil. No more frantic searches for local SIM cards when you arrive.

Unique experience icon

Tours & Unique Experiences: Use GetYourGuide and Viator to plan ahead and lock in those must-see experiences & tours in Santorini. So, whether you're exploring Santorini these two sites have got you covered.

ferry icon

Ferry: Make your trip as smooth as possible by booking a ferry. From my experience Blue Star Ferries are the best to book through. These run from Athens and it is also possible to catch them from surrounding islands such as Naxos, Paros, Ios, and Mykonos.

Never planned independent travel before? Read my comprehensive guide to planning a trip.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accommodation in Santorini

What is a good reason for visiting Santorini?

Although it might sound surprising, I would say one of the best reasons for coming to Santorini is for the accommodation options provided on the island.

There are some truly luxurious suites and hotel rooms to experience here.

What should I look for when choosing a hotel in Santorini?

This will depend on your budget. Some people are happy with a private pool, a comfortable double bed, and the typical facilities provided such as AC and cable television.

However, I will say that you can find almost anything here ranging from private infinity pools to incredibly spacious master suites for the whole family.

When is the best time to visit Santorini?

This will depend on your plans and what you want to do.

However, the high season is highly desirable for most people which is from June to September. You can expect the best weather during this time, and it is even better to enjoy the sunshine in your own private outdoor infinity pool.

Sunset view of Santorini Volcano from hotel terrace

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Kayaking Tours

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Wine Tasting Tour, Santorini

3. Guided Wine Tasting Tour

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