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Waterfall Bay, Tasman Arch & Devils Kitchen Track Tasmania

Waterfall Bay, Tasman Arch & Devils Kitchen Track Tasmania

A quick hiking guide to Waterfall Bay Tasmania, a scenic coastal track on the Tasman Peninsula. Check out Waterfall Bay, the Tasman Arch and Devils Kitchen on a short but rewarding hike near Port Arthur.

Looking for a short hike on the Tasman Peninsula? Consider checking out the Waterfall Bay track. This scenic trail is a great easy out-and-back track passing several famous geological formations including the Tasman Arch and Devils Kitchen.

In this blog post, I aim to outline everything you need to know about visiting Waterfall Bay. I’ll also include some of my photography that I hope will inspire your visit.

About Waterfall Bay Tasmania

Waterfall Bay is a scenic coastal bay on the Tasman Peninsula on the east coast of Tasmania. The bay is famous for its weather-dependant waterfall that pours down the steep cliffs into the ocean.

While more of a wet patch for most of the year, the Waterfall Bay walk is still an excellent walk regardless of water flow. The track offers great views of the unique geological formations and arches, the remnants of ancient sea caves.

How to Get to the Waterfall Bay Track (Tasman Peninsula Track)

The Waterfall Bay walking track begins at the large walking car park for Tasman’s Arch, approximately 25 minutes from Port Arthur or 1 hour 15 minutes from Hobart.

To get here, you’re going to need your own vehicle as there are no public transport options or tours leading to the Waterfall Bay walk.

However, if you find yourself without a car, you still have the option of seeing all of the highlights of the track on a 3-hour wilderness cruise. This is one of the highest-rated activities on the Tasman Peninsula and one you certainly don’t want to miss!

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The Waterfall Bay Walk

Hiking Distance: 3.4 KM return
Duration: 1 hour return
Elevation: Mostly flat
Difficulty: Easy

The Waterfall Bay makes up a section of the Tasman Trail which follows the coast from the Tasman Arch to Fortescue Bay. However, to reach the Waterfall Bay lookout, hikers will only need to walk a short 1.7 kilometres from the car park before turning back.

The track is wide, easy to follow and mostly flat for the duration. There are plenty of spots to spot on the track to admire incredible coastal views and the unique geological phenomena that makes the Tasman coast so famous.

Below is a summary of the Waterfall Bay hike with some of the highlights you might expect on the way.

Tasman Arch

After parking your car in the large, dedicated parking area, you’ll immediately notice the fenced-off viewpoint for the Tasman Arch.

This curved natural bridge is the result of a collapsed sea cave, brought to rubble by years of pounding seas. We visited this beautiful spot in the early morning, which meant we got a nice ray of sun coming through the arch.


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Devils Kitchen

The track to Waterfall Bay begins by walking right (south) from the Tasman Arch. Just a few dozen metres from the Tasman Arch you will find another geological highlight. This time, it’s the Devils Kitchen, which is also the remnants of a collapsed sea cave.

From the Devils Kitchen, continue on the signposted track leading to Waterfall Bay lookout.


Patersons Arch

Just after a kilometre of walking through dry eucalypt forest, you will reach yet another lookout point for a collapsed sea cave. This one is called Patersons Arch and while not as famous as the others, is still a beautiful vantage point.

Also, if you look down, you’ll notice that the rocky base is very similar to the nearby Tessellated Pavement.

Waterfall Bay Lookout

Continuing on from Patersons lookout hikers will reach the main event for this short, scenic coastal hike. The Waterfall Bay lookout is a beautiful coastal bay. The gently rolling green hills suddenly give way to sheer rock cliffs which plunge into the deep-blue ocean below.

If you look directly out to the opposing cliff face, you’ll spot the Waterfall Bay waterfall. This is a unique waterfall since it plunges directly into the ocean. Unfortunately, the flow is very dependent on rain so if you visit during fine conditions, you’ll likely just see a wet patch on the cliffside.

There are also some information plaques at the lookout which detail the history, geology and unique underwater biology of the region.

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Return to Car Park

After soaking in the view, it’s time to turn back and continue back to the car park. Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can turn the Waterfall Bay walk into a full-day through-hike by following the Tasman Trail all the way to Fortescue Bay.


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I hope that you enjoyed this quick blog post about visiting Waterfall Bay Tasmania. If you enjoyed the highlights including the Tasman Arch and Devils Kitchen, then make sure to check out some of my other similar guides below.

Also, if you have any updated information or you’d like to share your experience, don’t forget to leave a comment below.