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Van Journal Week 16: We’re Selling Our Van!

Van Journal Week 16: We’re Selling Our Van!

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

Yes, we put our van on the market this week!

When we first hit the road a few months back, we were getting almost weekly offers for people wanting to purchase it off us. Back then, we wanted to make the most of the hard work we had put into building it and weren’t quite willing to depart from it without first having lived in it.

But, now that our trip in Tassie was coming to an end, we decided to try our luck to see if anyone on the island would like to buy our home.

Why are you selling it? Is a question we were bombarded with immediately after listing. The answer is that our van-life journey was always going to a temporary one. It was a response to the global pandemic which restricted our usual lifestyle. Now, with the rest of the world opening up and Australia looking like it’s lagging behind with more restrictions and lockdowns, we made the tough choice to return to the backpack.

But, besides putting Clifden on the market, our lives didn’t change much this week. We continued to explore Tassie and met some new friends.

More Epic Waterfalls In the Tarkine

Following our adventures in the Northwest, we headed south to explore more waterfalls and hiking trails in the Tarkine. Highlights from the start of the week were the giant Montezuma Falls and the ultra-impressive Philosopher Falls.

Both of these waterfalls were incredible. We were lucky to catch some moody, foggy weather conditions on our trip to Philosopher Falls which made for some great shooting conditions.

Here are some shots from our last adventures in the Tarkine.

Hanging Out in Tullah

After the waterfalls, we headed to Tullah since we really wanted to climb Mount Murchison. We shot some photos of this epic Tasmanian peak on the way through and decided that we had to come back to climb it! Typical of the Tarkine, weather wasn’t playing nice and the mountain was unfortunately cloaked in thick rain cloud for two days while we waited.

In the end, forecasts weren’t showing any signs of clearing so we decided to head back North. Around the same time we got some really keen interest in the van so we decided to drive back up to Devonport to meet for inspections. We knew that the van market in Australia was going crazy. What we didn’t expect was so much interest so quickly, on a small island at the bottom of the world!

Tullah tasmania
Tullah tasmania, mount murchison


On the way back through the Cradle Mountain region for the 4th time, we also stopped and checked our Bridal Veil and Champaign Falls. These were honestly two of the most underrated waterfalls we’d checked out so far!

Chilling With The Caravan of Courage

The last few days of the week were spent hanging out in Devonport arranging inspections. While cleaning out the van prior to inspection at the free campground in Railton, we met an awesome couple, Stefan and Naomi, who also run a Youtube Channel and blog called The Caravan of Courage.

Typical of the van and caravan community in Australia, Stefan and Naomi helped us out with preparing for inspections. We also spent most nights hanging out in their awesome renovated caravan. It’s crazy how much more space you can get in a pop-out!

We seek travel and caravan of courage

Unlike us, these guys are planning to live in their caravan and explore Australia for several years. So, if you’re here reading about our short adventures and looking to follow the adventures of an awesome couple around Oz, go give them a follow on Youtube and Instagram!

Check out their caravan in the video below, absolutely epic!

YouTube video

Update: I’ve been featured as one of the top photographers in Cairns!