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Savitri Temple Pushkar – Best Viewpoint In Pushkar

Savitri Temple Pushkar – Best Viewpoint In Pushkar

Savitri Temple Pushkar on Ratnagiri Hill is a popular pilgrimage site for Hindus and a great viewpoint location for visitors to Pushkar.

Savitri Temple, also known as Savitri Mata is a Hindu pilgrimage site dedicated to the Goddess Savitri which sits atop the crest of Ratnagiri Hill, Pushkar. It’s also an excellent viewpoint earnt after a steep but relatively short 15-minute walk from the lake.

The Savitri Temple view looks out over the entire Pushkar oasis as well as the surrounding valley landscape, earning its title for the best viewpoint in Pushkar.

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How to Get to Savitri Temple Pushkar

The Savitri temple is located just a short 15-minute walk southwest of Pushkar ghat. In fact, you can spot the temple resting atop Ratnagiri Hill from most points in Pushkar.

In true Pushkar fashion, immediately upon arrival at the base of the hill, you'll notice stalls and vendors selling everything from chai to jewelry. The steep incline of stairs begins just past these vendors.

These stairs are large and steep. Apparently, there are over 200 steps, which are an important part of the pilgrimage to this site for Hindu people. So, get your step on in time for sunrise or sunset and enjoy the view!

Pushkar desert oasis in rajasthan
Pushkar view from Savitri Temple

Savitri Temple Map

Below is a map showing the exact location of Savitri Mata Temple and cablecar in Pushkar.

Savitiri temple map in pushkar, india

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The Savitri Temple Ropeway

You'll likely also notice the Savitri Temple Ropeway, or cable car which operates from the base of the hill. I've been told that the price is 90 rupees per person. However, this can apparently fluctuate with the season.

In all honesty, I'd recommend the walk instead of taking the ropeway. While it is steep, I'm a firm believer that viewpoints are more rewarding after a bit of sweat.

Ropeway Timings

The ropeway operates from 8 am to 7 pm. Consequently, you could take it up for sunset, but you'll need to get the legs turning if you want to enjoy the Savitri Temple view for sunrise.

Pushkar view from ratnagiri hill

What to Expect at Savitri Mata Temple

After passing onlooking monkeys and gaining an increasingly better view as you climb, you'll soon reach the Savitri Mata temple at the top of the hill.

Once you arrive, remember to take off your shoes. You can leave them near the entrance.

You are free to explore the temple and enjoy the view from here or continue on a little further along the Ratnagiri ridge for incredible views over the camel-dotted desert valley.

Savitri mata temple pushkar
Sunset at savitri temple on ratnagiri hill

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Entry Fee

There is no entry fee to visit the Savitri Temple in Pushkar. However, you can offer a donation at the entrance if you feel obliged. We weren't asked or pressured to leave a donation but dropped 50 rupees in as a gesture of goodwill.

Hindu Pilgrimage Site

As touched on above, this temple is a Hindu pilgrimage site dedicated to the wife of Lord Brahma, Savitri. The Savitri Mata Temple was built in 1687, and has stood the test of time. Inside the temple you can also get a glimpse of the 1300-year-old idols of Savitri and Gayatri.

Savitri temple viewpoint

Where to Stay in Pushkar - Accommodation Guide

There are so many accommodation options to choose from in PushkarI but I highly recommend finding a place that is near to the lake. This means you'll be within walking distance of all the top attractions.

  • Where I stayed: Madpackers Pushkar - This hostel made my entire visit to Pushkar and the vibe fits the destination perfectly. It was rated India's best hostel in 2019 by Hostelworld for its vibe, three terraces, a rooftop chilling area, and a yoga/camping terrace.
  • Terraced Hotel near the lake: Inn Seventh Heaven - an amazing hotel with stunning views of the desert oasis.
  • Best-value private room: Cooking Art & Homestay - the top-rated homestay in Pushkar with amazing hosts who will treat you to an authentic Pushkar experience!

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Enjoy this quick guide to visiting the Savitri Temple Pushkar? If you have any questions or updated information for other travelers, help out by leaving a comment below.

Otherwise, check out some of my other blogs and write-ups for India travel inspiration and guides.

Savitri temple pushkar – best viewpoint in pushkar
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