A quick guide to the best viewpoints and spots to watch the sunset in Pushkar, India.

After a long day of exploring temples and vibrant markets, you might be wondering where to watch the sunset in Pushkar. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

In this quick guide, I’ll outline four great sunset spots in Pushkar for you to choose from. I’ll also include some easy-to-follow directions to help you find them.

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Best Pushkar Sunset Locations

Without further ado, let’s get into this short and snappy list of spots to watch the sunset in Pushkar.

1. Savitri Temple

The Savitri Temple is a famous Hindu pilgrimage site and also one of the best sunset spots in Pushkar. It’s undeniably difficult to miss this temple from almost anywhere in the holy oasis. It rests proudly on top of the pyramid-shaped Ratnagiri Hill, offering visitors the option of taking the 200-steps to the crest or a quick ropeway ride.

Getting to the base of the hill is easy, and only takes a 10 to 15-minute walk from the lake.


FULL GUIDE: Savitri Temple Pushkar – Viewpoint and Sunset Spot

2. The Pushkar Ghats

Prefer a Pushkar sunset spot closer to the lake? How about heading down to the lakeside Ghats and watching the reflection of the hazy Thar desert sun setting behind the hills?

One of the best sunset spots on the ghats is on the south-eastern corner of the lake, just beside the Jaipur Ghats. It’s marked on Google Maps as “Sunset Point”.

You’ll often find loads of other travelers at this spot, with some local hostels organizing weekly walks and meetups here.


3. Sunset Cafe

Usually, my guides cater to adventurers who like to chase hikes and viewpoints. However, I also understand that there are times where rounding off the day with a sip of chai and laugh with good mates is a better choice.

While I didn’t try them all, the best sunset cafe in Pushkar that I did check out is the “Hotel Sunset & Roof Top Restaurant”, just behind the Jaipur Ghats and the sunset point mentioned above.

This cafe is a little more pricey than some of the roadside vendors, but you do pay for the view. Another option is the nearby “Moksha Cafe” which also has a rooftop and serves chai and Indian cuisine.


4. Gayatri Mata Temple

Another less-visited but equally impressive sunset spot is the Gayatri Mata or Pap Mochani Temple. This is another small temple on top of a hill just behind the bus stand in Pushkar.

While not as high or steep as the Savitri Temple, this hill sits much closer to the town, allowing for some unparalleled views of Pushkar Lake and the sprawling markets below.

Getting here can be a little confusing as there are some inaccurate Google Maps pins. Check out the guide below for detailed directions.


FULL GUIDE: Gayatri Mata Temple Pushkar (Pap-Mochani) – Hilltop Views

Where to Stay in Pushkar – Accommodation Guide

With so many accommodation options to choose from in Pushkar, I can understand the frustration when trying to book. When choosing, I recommend finding a place that is near to the lake. This is because most of the things to do in Pushkar are within walking distance of the lake. Since accommodation is plentiful and cheap in Pushkar, there really is little reason not to book a bed near the action.

Where I stayed: Madpackers Pushkar
This hostel made my entire visit to Pushkar and the vibe fits the destination perfectly. It was rated India’s best hostel in 2019 by Hostelworld for its vibe, three terraces, a rooftop chilling area, and a yoga/camping terrace. To make things even better, dorms are around $6 a night. This one is a no-brainer for me and one that I have no problem in recommending.

Best-value private room: Varah Square Guest House
One of the only accommodation options in Pushkar without a negative review. Close to the ghat with rooftop views of Pushkar and the surrounding mountains. Budget rooms are only around $5, while you can get a deluxe room with a view for an extra $2.

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