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Cairns Arrow Tracks: Red & Blue Arrow (Mount Whitfield Loop)

Cairns Arrow Tracks: Red & Blue Arrow (Mount Whitfield Loop)

A guide to hiking the Red Arrow Track and Blue Arrow Track loop to the top of Mount Whitfield (Lumley Hill Lookout), just a short hop from Cairns.

The Cairns Arrow Tracks are the most popular walking tracks near Cairns due to their easy access and close proximity to Cairns CBD. Departing from the Cairns Botanical Gardens, walkers have a selection of several walking tracks in the Mount Whitfield Conservation Park, categorised by colours; red arrow, blue arrow, yellow arrow and green arrow.

I’ve hiked up to Mount Whitfield several times during my stops in Cairns. In this short guide, I’ll hope to answer all your questions and help you plan your day hike to the top of Mount Whitfield (Lumley Hill Lookout), combining the Red Arrow Track and Blue Arrow Track in a large loop.

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Where are the Arrow Tracks in Cairns?

All of the Arrow Tracks are located within the Mount Whitfield Conservation Area and are accessed from the Cairns Botanical Gardens car park.

To get here, expect a short, 10-minute drive from Cairns CBD, or alternatively, a 4-kilometre walk along the Cairns Esplanade to the Botanical Gardens. There are plenty of car spaces along Collins Ave.

Arrow tracks map

The Red Arrow Track Cairns is best accessed from the trailhead just beside the Tanks Art Centre on the map above.

Cairns Mount Whitfield Arrow Tracks Map

Below is the map for Mount Whitfield Conservation Park, outlining all of the arrow tracks beside Cairns. The map and all information provided is from the Cairns Regional Council Website.

(Click the image for full-quality).

Mount Whitfield Summit Loop (Lumley Hill Lookout)

  • Hike Distance: 8.5 km (loop)
  • Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours return
  • Elevation: 465 m elevation gain to 315 m at Lumley Hill Lookout
  • Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

In my opinion, the best walking track accessible on foot from Cairns CBD is the Mount Whitfield Summit Loop to Lumley Hill Lookout following these Cairns Arrow Tracks.

For this blog post, I've outlined the route I took; The Red Arrow and Blue Arrow tracks in a loop. However, there are alternative start/finish points listed below.

Red Arrow Track

The Red Arrow Track is perhaps the most popular walking loop in the Mount Whitfield Conservation Area. It is one of the shortest loops, picking up beside the Tanks Art Centre (map above) and finishing at the nearby Botanical Gardens Visitor Centre.

The short, 1.5 km loop makes up the first section on the way up to the connecting Blue Arrow Track. However, it is more commonly completed as a short walk on its own.

This section has steep sections of very well-maintained and easy-to-follow concrete steps as it climbs to the ridgeline above the Botanical Gardens.

Red arrow track in cairns,

Approximately 20 minutes in, you'll reach the connecting points for the other tracks just beside the Aeroglen viewpoint which looks out over the Cairns Airport.

Red arrow track in cairns
Wallaby on the red arrow track in cairns
Some local Cairns Wildlife, just 4 km from the CBD
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Alternative 1: Yellow Arrow Track

One alternative to accessing the Blue Arrow Track loop is to take the Yellow Arrow Track from a small access road just off Aeroglen Drive (pinned on Google Maps).

This track is a little steeper and involves several switchbacks as it climbs to the lookout point just beside the trailhead for the Blue Arrow track.

However, note that starting the Mount Whitfield summit loop from the Yellow Arrow Track means that you'll also need to finish the walk by descending on that same track since the Red Arrow car park and Yellow Arrow car park are far apart. I recommend starting on the Red Arrow Track in order to complete the entire track as a loop with no repeated sections.

Yellow arrow track in aeroglen, cairns

Alternative 2: Green Arrow Track

The second alternative is to start the hike at the Green Arrow Track trailhead, accessed from Brinsmead (also pinned on Google Maps). This track is less-maintained, but still easy to navigate. It is also much longer and if you wish to return to the Green Arrow starting point, you'll have to repeat this section after the Blue Arrow Track Loop.

Tree roots on the green arrow track

Blue Arrow Track

Now for the fun part. The Blue Arrow Track trailhead picks up just near the Aeroglen lookout point. You'll notice that the trail maintenance and construction lessens immediately, forming a more natural and enjoyable track.

There are two routes that you can take to the top of Mount Whitfield along the Blue Arrow Track, which both meet up again at the Aeroglen Lookout just beside the Yellow Arrow Track finishing point.

Blue arrow track cairns

It's totally up to you which track you'd like to take first, as you'll walk both when forming the loop. Both tracks are similar, although, I'd say that the right track is slightly steeper.

Blue arrow track in whitfield conservation area

Following the Blue Arrow Track, keep an eye out for "Blue Arrows" and ribbons in the tree that mark the way. This is a popular track, so you shouldn't have much trouble finding your way at all.

There is also a trail sign approximately 400 m from the Mount Whitfield summit (Lumley Hill) where the Blue Arrow Track connects to form the loop.

Mount Whitfield View (Lumley Hill Lookout)

The view from Mount Whitfield follows the Barron River and stretches far out to the Coral Sea, with Green Island visible on most clear days. Also, you'll be able to see Cairns Airport and the distant rainforest ridgelines of the Barron Gorge National Park.

Unfortunately, the view is largely spoilt by a large communications building and powerlines staggered down towards the sea.

As an alternative for those chasing better Cairns hiking views, try Kahlpahlim Rock (Lamb's Head), Glacier Rock, White Rock Lookout, Mount Yarrabah, or if you're up for a bigger challenge, even Bartle Frere or Devils Thumb.

However, don't be discouraged, this loop alone is still a very scenic track enjoyed just a stone-throw away from Cairns CBD and Esplanade. Just, don't expect much in terms of a view at the top.

View from the lumley hill lookout

Return to Cairns on the Blue Arrow Track

After a rest, continue back down the Blue Arrow Track to the trail sign where the loop connects. From here, take either the left or right track, depending on which one you ascended on.

Soon, you'll arrive at the Aeroglen Lookout where the Blue Arrow Track, Red Arrow Track and Yellow Arrow Track connect. Follow the left track to descend through beautiful bamboo forests back to the Botanical Gardens.

Blue arrow track in mount whitfield conservation park, cairns

GPX Map and Hiking Data

Here's a GPX map as recorded from my Garmin GPS watch. This might be useful for planning your route or finding out what you'd expect on this hike. I wouldn't bother using it as a means of navigation since all of the arrow tracks are very easy to follow.

GPX File: Download

My Strava: Visit

Blue arrow track in mount whitfield conservation park, cairns

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More Photos from this Cairns Hike

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Cairns airport view from aeroglen lookout
Wallaby on the red arrow track in cairns
Red arrow blue arrow tracks cairns
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