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Dahab Blue Lagoon & Abu Galoum – Complete Guide (Egypt)

Dahab Blue Lagoon & Abu Galoum – Complete Guide (Egypt)

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

A complete and up-to-date guide on how to get to the Dahab Blue Lagoon and the beautiful Ras Abu Galoum. Includes a day-trip option and camping overnight at the lagoon.

Whether you’re visiting the Dahab for kite surfing or just to explore this amazing part of Egypt’s South Sinai, you have to make a trip out to the Blue Lagoon!

In this guide, I’ll cover everything you need to know to visit the Blue Lagoon from Dahab, including a visit to the beautiful Ras Abu Galoum.

About the Dahab Blue Lagoon

While often overshadowed by the much more popular Blue Hole, a visit to the Blue Lagoon is still easily one of the best things to do in Dahab!

This lagoon is a large sheltered natural pond of calm, crystal clear water. You'll find it sheltered by a low, arching stretch of sand and rock, protecting it from the wild sea of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Along its shores, you'll find small local restaurants and many small huts owned by the local Bedouins of Dahab and the surrounding Sinai Peninsula.

This is a perfect place to spend the day relaxing, swimming, or exploring the surrounding area. Also, due to its natural beauty, calm ambiance, and steady waters, the Blue Lagoon is a kitesurfing paradise!

Dahab blue lagoon

How to Get to the Blue Lagoon from Dahab

The Blue Lagoon is located approximately 16 kilometers (10 miles) from the town of Dahab in the South Sinai Governate.

This is the furthest attraction north of Dahab. Continue and you won't find more than a vast desert dropping into the wild oceans of the Aqaba Gulf.

Gulf of aqaba
Looking North from the Blue Lagoon

Furthermore, there are no roads here, meaning it requires a bit of an adventure to reach.

To make it easy for you, I've included the two best options for getting here below.

Blue lagoon in dahab, egypt

Option 1: Organized Blue Hole & Blue lagoon Tour from Dahab

By far, the easiest and most convenient way to get to the Blue Lagoon from Dahab is to join in on a group tour.

This takes all of the hassles out of bartering and trying to organize your boat, camel, taxi, and pickup truck required to reach the Blue Lagoon.

Book: Full-Day Tour from Dahab (Blue Lagoon, Blue Hole, & Abu Galoum)

Furthermore, you'll get to visit all three iconic sites north of Dahab in one day, with all the fees included.

For travelers from Sharm el-Sheikh, there are currently no day-trip tours I could find going to the Blue Lagoon. However, it is possible to book a Blue hole tour from Sharm quite cheaply.

Blue water at abu galoum
Arriving at Abu Galoum

Option 2: Speed Boat From Dahab & Taxi/Camel to Blue Lagoon

If you want to spend a night or two at the Blue Lagoon camp, then the better option is to get here independently. However, this does take some know-how and will require a bit of bartering on your part.

Here are the steps:

  1. Taxi to the Blue Hole - hail one from the street. These are usually old pickups or jeeps. Look for orange number plates, which is the designation for taxis in Egypt. The journey takes roughly 15 minutes and costs 80-100 EGP. Once you arrive, you have to pay the USD 10 fee per person to enter the Blue Hole area.
  2. Hike, camel ride, or speedboat to Abu Galoum - We chose to spend time at the Blue Hole on the way back and continued directly to Abu Galoum. You can pay a speed boat driver (water taxi) or a guide to take you there by camel. We took the speed boat option, which was one of the craziest boat rides of my life due to seriously choppy seas (we hiked back). We paid 200 EGP for a group of five.
  3. Pickup truck to Blue Lagoon - from Abu Galoum, some locals will drive you to the Blue Lagoon (10 minutes away). We paid 100 EGP for the group.
  4. Return - Repeat the process to get back to Dahab. You won't struggle to find a boat or a pickup truck from either end. Alternatively, I highly recommend hiking the coastal track between Abu Galoum to the Blue Hole.

Backpacker tip: If you're a backpacker, make sure to stay at the epic "My Hostel in Dahab". This is the number 1 hostel in the area and my good friend Medhat will organize the transport for you very cheaply!

Speed boat in egypt
Pickup truck to abu galoum
Travel talk egypt group tour at the pyramids

#1 Egypt Group Tour

Interested in traveling through Egypt on an organized group tour? I traveled with TravelTalk Tours on their Essential Egypt trip. I would highly recommend this trip to anybody looking to see all the ancient sites and fascinating landscapes while making some new friends for life!

What to Expect at the Blue Lagoon & Ras Abu Galoum

Now that you know how to get here, here's what you can expect at the amazing Dahab Blue Lagoon and the Ras Abu Galoum snorkeling and diving spot!

While in Dahab: Don't miss the opportunity to hike to the summit of the holy mountain! Read my guide on how to climb Mount Sinai in Egypt for more information.

Snorkeling at Ras Abu Galoum

The first stop is the epic Abu Galoum! This is a beautiful sheltered cove that is perfect for snorkeling and diving.

The edges of the desert shores are lined with healthy coral reefs, with crystal clear waters!

Along the shores, you'll also find some small local restaurants and huts. Some people decide to camp here rather than at the Blue Hole, as there are also many small huts and tents along the waterfront.

Ras abu galoum in egypt

Kitesurfing at the Blue Lagoon

While the Blue Lagoon doesn't offer the same amazing snorkeling, it is easily one of the best places in Dahab for kite surfing! Many of the pros come here, and we spent a good hour chilling at one of the small Bedouin restaurants watching them shred!

Kite surfers at the dahab blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is also a great spot for swimming. The water is a crystal clear shade of turquoise and offers the perfect opportunity to cool down from the blistering Sinai Desert sun.

Blue lagoon in dahab, egypt

We were also approached by some local Bedouin kids who sold us some colorful bracelets.

Tip: If you're visiting this part of Egypt, it's a good idea to spend some change here and there. These people have very little and it's amazing how much a few dollars can do for them.

Local bedouin girl selling wares in sinai, egypt

Planning a trip to the Red Sea? Don't miss my comprehensive travel guide covering the top things to do in Dahab, Egypt.

Short Mountain Hike

While there aren't any marked hiking trails at the Blue Lagoon, we decided to try to climb the rocky scree mountains behind the lagoon to get a better view.

Hiking in dahab, egypt

From the top, we were granted with some awesome views of the lagoon, offering an awesome photo opportunity contrasting the calm lagoon waters against the wild and choppy seas beyond.

We even spotted some wild camels on the way!

Camel at the dahab blue lagoon, egypt
Kite surfer at the dahab blue lagoon

Camping at the Blue Lagoon

One of the main reasons why visitors make it out to Abu Galoum and the Blue Lagoon is to spend a night or two here.

In this remote part of Egypt, there is no internet, no busy roads, or chaotic foot traffic. It's the perfect place to unwind, unplug, and just enjoy the present moment.

There's no need to organize accommodation in advance since there are plenty of huts at both sites that you can stay in for as cheap as 150-200 EGYP per night. However, you'll need to barter.

Tip: While I haven't stayed here, I've been told that the night sky is incredibly clear. There is no light pollution for miles, resulting in incredible stargazing and astrophotography opportunities.

Huts to camp at blue lagoon

Blue Lagoon Packing List

Here are some things you'll want to bring with you.

  • Water and snacks - you can save a bit of money since bottled water at the lagoon is a bit pricey
  • Swimmers - a no-brainer
  • Snorkel set - if you plan to do some snorkeling at Abu Galoum. Alternatively, you can rent some from the locals cheaply
  • Travel towel - an essential for any trip
  • Camera/GoPro - also an essential for this trip
  • Cash - no ATMs or credit card facilities out here!
  • Sturdy shoes - if you want to hike back to the Blue Hole
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Abu Galoum to the Blue Hole Coastal Hike

If you have the time, I highly recommend taking the coastal hike back from Abu Galoum to the Blue Hole.

This is a 5.5-kilometer (3.4-mile) walk that is very scenic. The track is mostly flat and follows a route wedged between soaring desert mountains and the beautiful coral reef of the Gulf of Aqaba.

View the track: My Strava

Hiking to the blue hole
Blue hole hike egypt

Once you return to the Blue Hole, make sure to take some time to snorkel here as well. This is one of the world's most infamous dive sites and the most famous attraction in Dahab.

Tip: Go have lunch or a Turkish Coffee at the Camel Restaurant overlooking the Blue Hole. While there are many restaurants along this waterfront, I was blown away by the kind hospitality of the man who owned this place! He even let us use some fins and held our bags for us while we snorkeled in the Blue Hole.

Blue hole in dahab

Where to Stay in Dahab

Dahab is much smaller and more laid back than its more luxurious neighbor Sharm el-Sheikh. However, there is still a wide range of accommodation options, from epic rooftop hostels to luxurious beach-side resorts.

Below are the top-rated accommodation options for Dahab.

  • Swiss Inn Resort Dahab - The best luxury resort in Dahab offers its guests a gym facility, a private beach, a children's play area, multiple pools, restaurants, a shuttle service, and its very own dive center.
  • Jaz Dahabeya - Overlooking the Red Sea and Sinai Mountains this resort is a perfect pick for those wanting to enjoy 4-star luxury without breaking the bank. The resort offers its own reviving and reinvigorating treatments in its spa facility, pool, children's play area, and gym. Breakfast and dinner are included.
  • My Hostel - Easily the best hostel in Dahab, if not in all of Egypt! This is complete with a roof-top terrace and chill co-work area. An excellent vibe and the owner Medhat can also arrange tours and diving for you at the best price in Dahab.
Dahab in egypt

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Bedouin woman selling wares at the dahab blue lagoon
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