A quick guide to the popular Curtain Fig Tree, Yungaburra, in the Far North Queensland Tablelands Region. Explore this incredible natural wonder on a short pit-stop near the Crater Lakes.

The incredible, 500-year-old Curtain Fig Tree in Yungaburra is one of the most underrated pitstops on any trip to the tablelands. Located just a few kilometres from Yungaburra, the very small Curtain Fig National Park is truly a hidden gem unbeknownst to most visitors but a proud icon for Tablelands locals.


Where is the Curtain Fig Tree?

You’ll find this unique fig tree in the Curtain Fig National Park, just 2 KM west from Yungaburra on the Gillies Highway. Look for signs to a turn-off to Fig Tree Road, where you’ll find a roadside car park near the boardwalk.

What to Expect When Visiting the Curtain Fig Tree

From the car park, there is a short 180M looping and elevated boardwalk track that leads to the incredible Curtain Fig Tree. The boardwalk wraps around the tree, which means that you can get a good vantage point at nearly every angle.

Although this national park is very small, it seems as if you’re transported into a prehistoric, jurassic landscape nearly as soon as you enter. The sounds of tropical birds echo within a wide amphitheater of jungle vines and twisted roots This truly is a magical spot worthy of a visit on a trip to the Tablelands.

This particular Fig Tree has been named the Curtain Fig due to the 15-metre heigh aerial roots that drop from the canopy to the rainforest floor. The tree is nearly 50 metres tall, with a circumference of 39 metres.


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How Old is the Curtain Fig?

Although it’s difficult to tell, most sources point to the Curtain Fig tree being around 500 years old.


How did it Form?

There is a very informative plaque just below the tree which does a better job of explaining the process than I can. But, basically, the Yungaburra Curtain Fig Tree was formed by germinating inside the bark of an existing tree, and growing roots to the ground. Once rooted, the strangler fig grows rapidly, killing the host tree in the process.


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