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Bob’s Cove Track Queenstown

Bob’s Cove Track Queenstown

Bob’s Cove Track in Queenstown is an easily accessible coastal walk with epic views of the turquoise cove and the incredible Lake Wakatipu.

For those looking for a quick and easy coastal track with stunning lake views, then Bob’s Cove Track Queenstown is the most bang-for-hiking-buck track in town.

I say that because it’s only a short twenty-minute walk for views that are arguably more impressive than other popular tracks like Queenstown Hill. In this guide, I’ll answer all your questions about getting to Bob’s Cove, hiking the circuit loop, and what to expect at this amazing location.

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By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler & adventure photographer for 6 years with 700+ published travel guides. I visit every place I write about & share real tips from what I learn.

Where is Bob's Cove?

Bob's Cove is located approximately 14 kilometers from Queenstown near the sharp elbow bend on Lake Wakatipu.

The wide cove is protected from most winds due to the raised hillside and surrounding treeline.

Map showing location of bob's cove near queenstown, new zealand


How to Get to Bob's Cove Queenstown

Like most places worth visiting in New Zealand's South Island, Bob's Cove track is best accessible by car.

Depending on traffic around the lakefront, it should take only about 15-20 minutes to reach. The drive to Bob's cove follows one of the most scenic drives in the world; the Glenorchy to Queenstown Road. There's only one road to Glenorchy, so follow signs there and keep an eye out for the sign to Bob's Cove car park on the left.

If it's your first time driving this route, you're in for a treat.

During my time in Queenstown, I got around in a Spaceship Van, which I highly recommend. After swimming and hiking around Bob's Cove, we drove over to 12 Mile Delta for an epic LoTR-inspired camping trip.

Bob's cove pier
Bob's Cove Pier
Peter's lookout drive we seek travel

Tip: How to Get Around in New Zealand

Rent a car! New Zealand is very safe for motorists & driving is the best way to explore the country.

I always DiscoverCars to get the best deals. Or, if you want a camper, I've had good experiences in NZ with Spaceships & Travellers Autobarn.

Is there a bus from Queenstown to Bob's Cove?

Unfortunately, there isn't a direct public bus service that runs from Queenstown to Bob's Cove as of 2023. This means that to get here from Queenstown without your own transport, you'll need to either stick out a thumb or rent a bike.

Hiking and Swimming at Bob's Cove

After parking up at Bob's Cove, you'll have a few options for things to do. On a warm summer's day, Bob's Cove makes the perfect place to cool off in the ridiculously turquoise water. There are also a few tracks that loop around the cove, and one that follows all the way around to 12 Mile Delta.

If you're up for a quick but rewarding viewpoint, then I'd certainly recommend walking the circumference of the cove, following signs to Picnic Hill.

Bob's cove viewpoint queenstown
Swimming at bob's cove


Bob's Cove Lookout

Bob's Cove track Queenstown begins at the car park and descends into native bush and tracks down to the edge of the cove.

Following signs to "Picnic Point", walk for approximately 20 minutes until you reach the top of Bob's Cove Lookout, where you'll have reached what I think was one of the best coastal viewpoints on Lake Wakatipu.

Bob's cove queenstown
Bob's cove track queenstown


Bob's Cove History

Along the Bob's Cove track, you'll notice an old rubble pile of bricks that is actually a historic lime kiln. This was one of many from the 1800s, where the local Lime Company used Bob's Cove as a quarry to process the limestone.

Bob's cove

Accommodation Near Bob's Cove

Want the adventure perks of Queenstown mixed in with the serenity of Lake Wakatipu? Here are a few options:

Luxury Retreat at Bob's Cove: Touch of Spice
For obvious reasons, I didn't stay here. This retreat is one of the most scenic and luxury accommodation options in Queenstown. This villa retreat has 5 bedrooms, a kitchen, living rooms and 5 bathrooms!

Budget Lakeside Alternative: YHA Queenstown Lakefront
No, this one isn't at Bob's Cove, but it's as close as you'll get on a backpacker's budget. The YHA opposite the incredible Lake Wakatipu is one of the best and highest-rated hostels in Queenstown. If you’re looking to meet other adventure travelers, be close to the action and prefer a comfortable dorm bed, don’t look past YHA Lakefront.

More Things to do in Queenstown

You'll never really be short of things to do in Queenstown. But, if you're on your way back to Queenstown and you've got your own set of wheels, why not check out Moke Lake on the way back.

If you're traveling around New Zealand for a while, make sure to check out my list of great things to do on the South Island.

For more great ideas on hikes, check out this list of the best hikes on the South Island.

Bob's cove hike track
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