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11 Best Hotels on Gili Meno, Lombok: For All Budgets

11 Best Hotels on Gili Meno, Lombok: For All Budgets

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

An accommodation guide for all budgets to the best hotels on Gili Meno. From private villas, and adults-only resorts to low-cost dive school options.

Gili Meno, the smallest among the Gili Islands, offers a tranquil vehicle-free paradise. Its compact size being half the width of Gili Trawangan, makes it an optimal choice for those pondering where to stay on the Gili Islands away from the crowds.

One of the best things about staying here is the remarkably stunning beaches and epic snorkeling spots that are virtually untouched. The marine life and underwater corals here are vibrant and just steps from the shore.

With almost 100 different accommodation options for visitors in such a small space, choosing the right place to stay on Gili Meno isn’t always a walk in the park.

Nevertheless, I’ve got you covered.

In this guide, I have selected some of the best places to stay on the island for all budgets. My two favorites are the Gili Meno Escape for its value for money & Divine Divers for its on-site dive school.

Gili meno infographic map showing where it is located off the coast of lombok in indonesia.
Gili Meno location on the map between Lombok and Bali

Areas to stay on Gili Meno

Personally speaking any location on the island is popular to stay in due to the island being so small. However, below you'll see the breakdown for the island's main areas.

  • Eastern side: You'll find the main ferry harbor and a range of dive shops and cafes
  • Western side: Beachside restaurants and bars that are popular to watch the sunset.
  • Northern end: An area with resorts and hotels lining the beachfront.
  • Southern end: Offers a relaxed vibe with pristine beaches, prime snorkeling spots, and the unique Saltwater Lake.
Aerial views over gili meno showing the saltwater lake, indonesia

My Top Picks For Where to Stay on Gili Meno

Here are my top picks for the best hotels on Gili Meno to stay based on price, location, and value for money.

Meno house - adults only

1. Meno House Luxury

Looking for a luxury hotel located in a quiet area? Look no further as Meno House offers some of the best and most relaxing rooms on the island.

Gili meno escape outdoor seating area

2. Gili Meno Escape Mid-range

Gili Meno Escape is a great choice for those wanting to stay in a villa-styled room with an incredible outdoor swimming pool and within a 200m walk of the Turtle Conservation Center.

Queen bed at divine divers gili meno

3. Divine Divers Diving

If diving tickles your fancy then Divine Divers is a great accommodation choice. It offers beachfront views with a bar and large comfortable bedrooms with swimming pool views.

11 Best Hotels on Gili Meno for Tropical Island Vibes

1. Le Pirate Gili Meno

There is no denying that Le Pirate Gili Meno is one of the most quirky and eccentric-looking hotels on the entire island. One simple look at the hut-style accommodations here is enough to know you're in for a memorable stay.

The hotel offers four separate guest rooms The Sweet, The Beach Box, The Junior Beach Box, and The Bunk. These contain the necessary creature comforts to make your stay worthwhile, including a private bathroom, free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning.

The best aspect of Le Pirate is the three outdoor swimming pools. This should be highly considered if you enjoy swimming and prioritize hotels with outdoor pools.

If you're willing to spend more money, you will get the best bang for your buck by booking one of their Sweet Rooms. These are more spacious and include a personal balcony with a miniature outdoor seating area to enjoy views of the nearby pool.

2. Gili Meno Escape

Gili Meno Escape is quite small compared to other resorts. However, this doesn't take away the quality. They believe less is best and provide immaculate grounds and luxurious rooms with relaxation in mind.

Each spacious bungalow includes air-conditioned double rooms, free wifi access, TV & personal mini-bar. The location is a quiet area that is immersed in palm trees. Being an adult-only resort means it's a great choice for parents looking for a child-free uninterrupted getaway!

If you are on a budget, Gili Meno Escape isn't exactly cheap when compared to others on the island however it is great value for your money.

3. Divine Divers Gili Meno

Divine Divers is essentially a dive center, hotel, and restaurant all rolled into one. This makes it more than ideal if you are curious about diving, or an experienced diver looking to take it to the next level.

This Gili Meno hotel/dive school offers multiple diving courses, ranging from beginner level to advanced.

As this is a hotel with diving in mind, it provides easy access to the nearby white sand beach which is the perfect place to relax after being underwater.

Each onsite bungalow comes with a safety deposit box, TV, air conditioning, a double bed, and a hot shower.

If diving is what floats your boat, I would strongly consider booking a bungalow here.

4. Meno House - Adults Only

When discussing luxury hotels and resorts on Gili Meno, not mentioning Meno House would be a disservice to anyone visiting its shores.

What is interesting about staying here is that all villa options are equally sized. This is unique compared to many other resorts offering villa-style accommodation, as they typically range in size and price from each other.

Instead, the villas at Meno House differ based on their locational positions on the property. Their Deluxe Beachfront Villa provides direct access to the beach and magnificent ocean views.

Another pleasant option is their Deluxe Garden Villa which provides a wonderful tropical garden setting to refresh and recharge.

Each of the villas on the property includes room service, heating/air conditioning, a king-sized bed, as well as plenty of other special amenities to appreciate.

5. Meno Dream Resort

If you are searching for bungalow-style accommodation, Meno Dream Resort meets these requirements in style.

There are 5 separate bungalows and rooms available here, with the Superior Traditional Bungalow being the largest of its kind.

After stepping inside this bungalow, you will be impressed by its eloquent design, made with a combination of traditional and modern elements and amenities.

Meno Dream Resort also offers free bikes for all of its guests. These are useful to have whilst staying on any of the Gili islands as it gives you more freedom to move around without having to walk.

When you combine this with the free breakfast you get every morning, it starts to look like a tempting choice.


The MAHAMAYA boutique resort is another option on the more expensive scale. However, the prices are justified with the luxurious amenities and room options.

The choice of a suite or a villa, many of these are two-bedroom, which is ideal if you happen to be with your family or friends. Many rooms here feature an en suite bathroom and a lounge area with plush seating.

Two large outdoor swimming pools can be enjoyed along with free use of bikes during your stay to get around the island.

In addition to all of the above, the hotel is located on the beach with sun lounges and hammocks hanging from palm trees.

A popular underwater statue location off the island, gilii statues.
Bask nest sculptures near gili meno

Tip: To see the above underwater statues without booking a tour head to BASK and the statues are a 5-minute swim from the shore. Only swim out from the beach if you're a confident swimmer as the currents can be strong. Arrive early for the best photo opportunities.

7. Seri Resort

Considerably more affordable than Meno House is Seri Resort another adult-only hotel.

One of the many terrific benefits of staying here is that it is on the northeast beach side of the island. This is one of the most beautiful areas for a quiet and relaxing stay as it is away from the main Harbor strip.

Another special factor of staying in this resort is the numerous activities offered at the front desk. This includes horseback riding, water sports, yoga sessions, concierge service, and massages through their onsite spa.

Looking for a handy beachfront resort to enjoy Gili Meno's dazzling turquoise water?

This might be the perfect place for you, on one of the best islands in the Lombok region!

8. United Colors of Gili

A great choice for those looking for a private jacuzzi hidden in paradise.

The beautifully designed rooms open to lush gardens and an outdoor swimming pool leaving you with a relaxing place to unwind.

Useful transport services are available making it a stress-free situation on arrival and departure days. They not only allow you to book transport from Lombok International Airport to your hotel but booking fast boat transport from Bali directly to the hotel is also possible.

Besides transport alone, you can even book a full excursion trip to Mount Rinjani in Lombok. This is perfect if you want to extend your time in Indonesia and are looking for an epic adventure.

Finally, to top it all off, you can help yourself to a free continental breakfast in the morning at the hotel, with additional breakfast options including Asian breakfasts to tuck into.

9. Les Villas Ottalia

Are you searching for a villa that includes your own private pool?

If so, Les Villas Ottalia includes this option and is a solid choice for you and your companions.

The villas offered here are traditional wooden villas, giving you an authentic experience of Indonesian culture. This is certainly uplifting when comparing them with touristy and commercial-chain hotels.

The villas each offer a private swimming pool, but this isn't the only great part. You will be provided a waiter, security, and a housekeeper to ensure comfort during your stay.

This ticks all the boxes for a relaxing vacation choice.

10. Sunset House

Sunset House is a 4-star Gili Meno hotel is a top pick for those looking for sea views for a great price.

It features a significantly large outdoor pool and seating areas to chill or hang out with friends and is located on the shores of a white sandy beach. Access to snorkeling alongside turtles cannot get any easier.

The rooms themselves include a desk and double bed with the option of a sea-view balcony which brings lots of natural light to the space.

The location is great for watching the sunset and is much quieter compared to other areas on the island.

11. Mojo Beach Resort

Mojo Resort is known for its chilled-out vibes and breathtaking sunset views and is a great pick for those looking for a romantic stay.

The resort is within walking distance from the Turtle Sanctuary which rehabilitates the Green Sea Turtles. This is one of the more interesting attractions on the island, and it is well worth your time.

When it comes to the rooms themselves, you will be delighted to know that they are equally as impressive as the location. Multiple room options are available, with the most sizeable option known as the Superior Room II. Inside this large room, you will find a comfortable bed, a work desk, and even your own couch to relax on.

Like several other hotels listed above, you can book a decent range of activities from the front desk or walk out and enjoy snorkeling in front of the property for free.

My Hotel Selection Process

  • Accommodation Criteria: I add hotels based on personal experience and those that meet quality standards for price, location, and online reviews.
  • My Experience: I base my recommendations on hotels that I have stayed in. I also read through hundreds of reviews and only choose accommodation that offers great value for money.
  • Top Reviews: The provided hotels have high reviews across major booking platforms such as, Expedia, and I regularly update my recommendations to ensure the top choices meet quality standards.
  • Local Insights: My hotel selections are based on online listings and word of mouth with recommendations from other travelers, local tour operators, and my personal experiences traveling around the Gili Islands.

Read more about how I review & select hotels & accommodations.

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FAQ About Staying on Gili Meno

How is Gili Meno different from the other Gili islands?

I would say that Gili Meno differs pretty strongly compared to the others as it offers a more laid-back vibe over the partying scene. This is an island for honeymooners or those looking to relax without the hustle found on Gili Trawangan and Gili Air.

Is Gili Meno worth visiting?

Yes, I would say so. The beaches here are spectacular and the underwater marine life is magical. However, if you're looking for a more social island I suggest staying on Gili Trawangan.

Is Gili Meno a popular spot for tourists?

Yes, although it is significantly less popular than staying on Gili Trawangan and Gili Air as there is less to do. However, the island receives thousands of tourists each year.

I hope you've enjoyed this complete accommodation guide for Gili Meno.

For other adventure guides and accommodation posts for Indonesia, check out my posts below.

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