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Guide to the Cetina Canyon Zipline in Omiš, Croatia

Guide to the Cetina Canyon Zipline in Omiš, Croatia

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

Looking for one of the best adventure activities in Croatia? Look no further than the Omiš Zipline tour, located in the incredible Cetina Canyon in the heart of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast.

Croatia is truly an adventure traveler’s dream! While there are many zip line tours in the country, the Cetina zipline polygon is one of the most famous and you can get here easily from Split.

In this quick guide, I’ll detail everything you need to know about the Cetina River zip line experience near Omiš, including how to book a good deal, and what to expect!

About The Omiš Zipline in Cetina Canyon

Croatia is truly an adventure traveler's dream! While there are many zip line tours in the country, the Cetina zipline polygon is one of the most famous.

Here's what you need to know.

  • A total of 8 wires form the famous Omis Zipline polygon (image below)
  • The longest zipline is 700 meters (150 above ground level)
  • Total length of 2,100 m!
  • You can easily book the zip line online with a transfer from Split

The course is set on a vast limestone canyon formed by the Cetina River, the most water-rich river in Croatia and the longest in Dalmatia. This river is also world-famous for its remarkable karst spring source, named the Eye of the Earth as it resembles a dragon's eye from above.

Ziplining is an amazing experience and a really safe adrenaline activity. If you find yourself in Omiš or Split, then you're in luck, because this is one of the best zip line tours in Europe!

Omis zipline over cetina river, dalmatian coast
Zip Lining is one of the best things to do in Omiš Croatia

The Omiš zipline tour runs for approximately 3 hours, starting at the top of the lush limestone peaks and slowly zig-zagging down the canyon into the green valley below.

Along the course, you'll cross beautiful rivers, dense pine forests, and rocky scree slopes, each run a little different from the last. Along with the famous whitewater rafting tour, this is one of the best experiences you can have in the canyon!

How to Book a Cetina Zipline Tour from Omis or Split

So, how do I book?

I went zip lining in Omiš on the last day of the Sail Croatia cruise on the Adriatic Sea (highly recommend). They arranged the trip, including the transport from Split to Omiš.

However, if you find yourself in Split or Omiš already, you can also book this trip online. I recommend booking the ziplining tour with GetYourGuide, as they offer a full refund in the event of bad weather.

Cetina canyon zipline

My Experience on the Omiš Zipline Route

Here's a roundup of my experience on the zipline Omiš course with photos to help you understand what to expect. If you want to keep it a surprise, I suggest booking the trip and skipping this section!

Starting Point

The starting point for the Omiš Zipline course is in Podašpilje, which is approximately 15 minutes from Omiš town, or 40 minutes from Split via the included van transport.

From here, your professional guides will help you out with your equipment and, following a short walk up the canyon ridge, you'll do a quick training session at the training grounds.

This is a very short cable almost at ground level.

Zipline tour hiking in croatia

Depending on the size of the group, you'll split into small teams, each with two guides (one at the top and a second guide at the bottom of the run).

Ziplining tip: The rules are you must hold onto the "brake" with both hands at all times. This brake is very sensitive as I found out the hard way. So, to avoid embarrassment on your training run, try to break softly.

Climbing a rock wall in cetina canyon

The First Cable - 700 meters!

The first cable is by far the wildest and most impressive run on the entire polygon. This is the run that makes the Cetina Canyon zipline experience so famous and the reason I wanted to try it. You'll begin from the highest point of the course and glide down a 700-meter-long run at over 150 meters above ground level!

This run also features spectacular views, so enjoy the ride!

Cetina canyon zipline from omis

7+ more Ziplines Down the Canyon

I won't spoil it too much for you by revealing everything about this thrilling experience (some things are better as a surprise).

However, for the next two hours, you'll run down a series of 7 more short cables and long cables. Each is a little different, but here are two more that stand out.

  • Cable number 5 - This is the slowest cable run and your professional guides will offer you to go tandem with your friend or partner if you wish. This is great since one person will do the braking, and the other gets an opportunity to film with a phone or GoPro if they wish.
  • Cable number 7 - This cable is amazing! You'll glide straight down the canyon, crossing the Cetina River below. The views are incredible!
Cetina river zip wire
Zipline in croatia

Is the Omiš Zipline the Longest in Croatia?

While arguably set in the most beautiful zip-lining location in Croatia, the Omiš zipline course in the Cetina Canyon is not the longest in Croatia.

The longest route is the Krk Zipline tour on the island of Krk (Croatia's largest island). This course is 2,400m, so just a little longer than this one.

However, in terms of a single run, the first line on the Cetina Canyon course is the longest at over 700 meters!

There are many other different locations where travelers can go ziplining in Croatia. These include Plitvice Lakes (the longest horizontal zipline in Europe), Tučepi, and Dubrovnik.

Longest zipline in croatia
The longest cable on the Cetina Canyon zipline
Boating in croatia

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Tips for Zip Lining in Omis Croatia

Here are some quick tips and things to know before you embark on the ziplining adventure in Omiš, Croatia!

  • The minimum age for ziplining experience is 7 years old.
  • The maximum weight is 140 kilograms.
  • There is no maximum age - we had a 72-year-old lady on our course– and she loved it!
  • The ziplining tours can easily book out in the busier summer season– book in advance!
  • There is a short walk involved between cables. But, this isn't difficult by any means.
  • During summer, the temperatures can get very hot. I suggest the late afternoon tour for the best weather (and photos).
Cetina canyon, croatia

What to Bring on the Tour

Never been ziplining before? Here are a few things that I recommend you should bring.

  • Good shoes - trail runners, sneakers, or sports shoes are appropriate footwear for ziplining
  • Small day backpack - useful for storing your phone or wallet so they don't fall out of your pocket
  • Water bottle - the experience is 3 hours long. I always travel with a Grayl Purifying bottle (cleans tap water anywhere on earth)
  • Shorts or pants - you need to wear a climbing harness, choose something comfortable (girls, I wouldn't recommend a skirt or dress)
  • GoPro and mount - since your hands are occupied, I recommend a helmet mount, chest mount, or bite mount (my footage was filmed on a Hero 10)
Zipling course in cetina canyon

Where to Stay in Omiš

While the majority of travelers tend to stay in the larger city of Split, the adventure town Omiš makes for a great alternative for those more interested in adventure than partying. I stayed just out of town and found it was easy to walk anywhere.

These are my top-rated accommodation options in Omiš for each budget.

Damianii luxury boutique hotel & spa indoor pool

1. Damianii Boutique Luxury

A short drive from Omis center this 5-star boutique hotel has everything you'll need. A continental breakfast is available each morning and it has its own spa facility on-site. It is located across from the beach.

Hotel plaža omis croatia bedroom

2. Hotel Plaža Mid-Range

This hotel is nestled in the center of Omis. It is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and bars and is close to the Cetina River. It offers an exceptional breakfast and views over the ocean.

Apartments nature hotel in omiš

3. Apartments Nature Budget

Located perfectly in the town of Omis at a budget price. Only a 7-minute walk to the beach. This apartment boasts large bedrooms with a private bathroom, kitchen, and mountain views.

If you have any questions or updates for this travel guide, leave me a comment below. Otherwise, here are a few more Croatia adventure travel articles I think you'll enjoy.

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