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Pettigala Kandy – Hike & Visit to Bambaragala Buddhist Temple | Sri Lanka

Pettigala Kandy – Hike & Visit to Bambaragala Buddhist Temple | Sri Lanka

Pettigala Kandy is a hiking area located in the Pethiyagala Teldeniya District near Kandy, Sir Lanka. Read this complete guide to the Pettigala hike for epic views in the Sri Lankan Central Highlands, as well as a stop at the incredible Bambaragala Buddhist Temple.

After cruising down the idyllic surf coast of Sri Lanka’s West Coast, it was time to head up into the highlands. If you read some of my other travel guides and adventure blogs, then you already know that I prefer to hit the hills and the trails than hang out on the beach. So, as soon as we arrived in Kandy, we set out in search of any hiking opportunities.

The Pettigala hike near Kandy for me was a much-needed, refreshment that offered views that well and truly exceeded my expectations! In this quick guide, I’ll run through how to get to the Pettigala trailhead, as well as a bit of information on and photos of the Bambaragala Buddhist Temple at the start of the hike.

How to Get to Pettigala From Kandy

The Pettigala hike is located approximately 20 kilometers from Kandy in the Pethiyagala Teldeniya District. However, since most people tend to stay in Kandy, I'll provide directions from here.

By far, the best and most convenient option to get to the Pettigala hike from Kandy is to take the public bus. I suggest walking to the central Kandy Market Bus Stop, where there are dozens of buses departing on different routes. Ask for a bus to "Digana." There should be a bus departing every 30 minutes or so.

This bus route travels east along the Mahaweli Ganga and stops at several small villages en route to Wegala. Overall, expect a 45-minute bus ride from Kandy to Digana.

Once you arrive, you can pay a rickshaw driver to take you the remaining 5 kilometers to the Bambaragala Purana Rajamaha Viharaya Buddhist Temple (the start of the Pettigala hike). However, instead of getting a rickshaw, we decided to walk from Digana, which only took us about 45 minutes. We followed the length of Victoria Gold Club Road before arriving at the stone steps of the Buddhist Temple.

Tip: Bring a long-sleeve shirt or shoulder covering, as well as long pants to show respect when passing through the monastery.

Finding a motorbike was difficult in Kandy. In fact, to our surprise, it seemed to be the most challenging in Sri Lanka! Since we had just returned our Tuk Tuk, we walked around for hours, asking for rentals with no avail. Nevertheless, taking the bus proved to be really easy and convenient.

Starting the Hike: Visit the Bambaragala Buddhist Temple

The trail up to Pettigala rock begins with a stroll through the Bambaragala Buddhist Temple. While I came for the hike and views, I left with a new-found astonishment and appreciation of the beauty and history of the Bambaragala temple.

As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by resident monks who told us of its long history, stretching back over 2000 years! We spent some time exploring the cobbled courtyards and appreciating the incredible cave statues and ancient paintings before continuing up the hill to Pettigala Kandy.

Pettigala Hike: Independent Hiking Guide

  • Hike Duration: ~ 1 hour
  • Elevation: 760 m AMSL (200 m+ elevation gain)
  • Difficulty: Moderate

The Pettigala hike begins from the top of the stone steps of the Bambaragala monastery. Although not immediately obvious, there is a well-worn trail that continues into the forest just past the top level of the steps. If you have trouble finding the trail, you can ask the monks to direct you.

The hike to the top of Pettigala viewpoint is a little tricky to navigate at times, especially since sections can get a little overgrown. However, if you follow the general worn trail wrapping up to thick forest hillside, you shouldn't have a problem.

The track consists of rooty undergrowth and is fairly steep in sections. After climbing about 200 metres, you will come to a grassy clearing, where you will see several large boulders. These make for great viewpoints over the surrounding highlands and Victoria Lake.

However, the best view from Pettigala Kandy is from a flat rocky outcrop just a few hundred meters to the right of the first clearing. You can navigate to this viewpoint quite easily by following the worn sections in the grass, aiming for these GPS coordinates: 7°17'10.2"N 80°45'36.0"E.

View from Pettigala Kandy

The view from Pettigala Kandy stretches out over the Sri Lankan central highlands. From the viewpoint, hikers are rewarded with panoramas over the Victoria Dam catchment and surrounding mountains. If you have the opportunity, I'd highly recommend making the trip up to Pettigala for sunrise, as I'm sure the views would be even more spectacular!


After enjoying the view and climbing back down from Pettigala Rock, we decided to test our luck of hitching a ride back to Kandy. This was a bit of an experiment for us because we'd never hitchhiked in Sri Lanka. However, to our surprise, we were kindly offered a lift by the first truck to come past us on the Gold Club Road!


Kandy Accommodation Guide

  • My Kandy Accommodation: 2in1 Kandy - While this one isn't that close to the Market Station, I still have no problem recommending it. The name 2in1 comes from the fact that the owners run a hostel, but really, it's a homestay. It offers one of the best vibes for backpackers in Kandy, has incredible mountain views, and only costs about $6 per night!
  • Mid-range: Aarunya Nature Resort and Spa (~$23) - The Aarunya Nature Resort offers the best bang for buck in Kandy. Visitors get free bikes, access to a swimming pool, fitness center, and a private villa!
  • High-end: The Golden Crown (~$90) - Infinity pool looking over the beautiful highland forest? If I were on a higher budget, this would be the go-to. The Golden Crown is one of the highest-ranked hotels in Kandy. But, don't take my word for it— check the reviews.

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Also, If you have any updates or questions, please help other travelers out by leaving a comment below!

Pettigala Kandy - Hike & Visit to Bambaragala Buddhist Temple

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Hello Olly...! Thank you very much for visiting Sri Lanka. We also recently visited this place. This is nice blog post and this information were helped us to know more about Pettigala. Hope you will visit Sri Lanka again after the pandemic period.

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Olly Gaspar

Saturday 26th of June 2021

Hi guys,

Awesome, what a great spot hey? I'll definitely be back, I miss Sri Lanka a lot.