Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall, also commonly known as Anisakan Falls, is a magical waterfall with a blue, natural and refreshing swimming hole. Nestled at the bottom of a jungle canyon, this waterfall sits beside a small temple and is one of the best hidden gems in Myanmar.

If you’re visiting Mandalay or Pyin Oo Lwin, then I highly recommend committing to the half-day trip to this must-visit Myanmar waterfall. In this guide, I’ll detail how to get here and what to expect once you arrive.

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How to Get to Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall (Anisakan Falls)

Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall is located along the road from Mandalay to Pyin Oo Lwin near a small village known as Anesakhan. As usual with Burmese to English translations, there are a multitude of ways to spell these names with the English alphabet. To reflect its home village, this waterfall has earned a more commonly used nickname: Anisakan Falls. You might notice however, that somehow the waterfall got a different spelling.

Regardless, finding this waterfall is easy if you plug in: Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall, in Google Maps. Or alternatively, just follow directions to the pin below.

Rent a Motorbike

The best way to explore the region between Mandalay and Pyin Oo Lwin is to rent a motorbike and ride here yourself. You can rent a motorbike in Myanmar by speaking to your Hotel staff or owner. They usually will point you in the right direction.

Anesakhan and Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall is located only a short 9KM south from Pyin Oo Lwin, along Highway 3 (road to Mandalay). Therefore, it makes the perfect short half-day trip from Pyin Oo Lwin. The ride is fairly easy, along a single-lane highway with little traffic.

For those coming from Mandalay, you’ll have a much longer 1.5-hour ride. However, if you’re confident, then I recommend taking the challenge to see this epic waterfall.

For those adventurous readers looking for a full-day waterfall trip, I’d recommend also visiting Dee Doke waterfall. You can cram both waterfalls in from Pyin Oo Lwin on a big day trip.

Read the full guide to Dee Doke waterfall here.

Tip: If you’re planning to stay in Pyin Oo Lwin, then I’d recommend staying at The Tha Ha Zar Ta Hotel. These guys will sort you out with your set of wheels.


Take a Taxi or Grab to Anesakhan

Since Dat Taw Gyaint waterfall is only a short hop from Pyin Oo Lwin, it’s possible to get a taxi or Grab to drop you in Anesakhan Village. The Google Maps pin below is a good point to get dropped at, since you’ll need to walk the rest of the journey to the waterfall.


Waterfall Hike

After parking your motorbike or getting dropped at the top carpark, it’s a 40-minute downhill hike to the base of the canyon to reach the waterfall. Apparently, there are a few small food stalls and vendors on the way who sell snacks and water. However, they were abandoned when I visited in the hot, dry season.

The path down to Dat Taw Gyaint waterfall is clearly marked and winds its way down the steep cliffside before finally arriving that the waterfall.

The walk is not too strenuous, but make sure you save some energy on the return, uphill hike!

What to Expect at Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall

Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall was one of the best highlights for my trip to Myanmar. Three beautiful cascades gush down the limestone cliffside to form one large waterfall. Below, you’ll find a deep swimming pool with milky, turquoise water comparable to the famous Kawasan Falls in the Philippines.

There is a large rock alongside the swimming pool that makes for a great basking spot. The water in the waterfall pool is deep enough to swim, but not quite deep enough for any cliff jumping opportunities.

Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall Height

Anisakan Falls, or Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall towers up over 120 Meters at the base of the jungle gulley.


Dat Taw Gyaint Buddhist Temple

Beside the waterfall is a small Buddhist temple. After seeing Dat Taw Gyaint waterfall first hand, I know why they chose this site for their temple location.

When I visited in the hot season, the monks told me that I was the first foreigner for months! It just goes to show what a unique and underrated gem Myanmar truly is!


I hope that you enjoyed this guide to Dat Taw Gyaint Waterfall in Myanmar. If you’re looking for more information or travel inspiration in Mandalay or Pyin Oo Lwin,, check out the links below.


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