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Bryggen – The Spectacular Colourful Houses in Bergen, Norway

Bryggen – The Spectacular Colourful Houses in Bergen, Norway

Although it has a population of over 2.5 million people, Bergen still feels like a quaint mountain town. One of the best things to see in Bergen is the famous Bryggen, the colourful houses in Bergen.

How to get to Bryggen and the Colourful Houses in Bergen

These buildings are great for an Instagram snap or for those wanting to check out the infamous Bryggen sites with your own eyes. That is, ff you haven’t already stumbled upon the old wooden buildings by accident while strolling around the harbour. You can check out the map below for the exact pinned location.

Getting to the historical Hanseviertel Bryggen buildings is easy and can be reached by foot. It is only a few minutes walk around the harbour from the famous Fish Market.

Best Time to Visit Bergen

It’s no secret that Norway can get cold – very cold. Being situated close to the Northern Sea and nestled between seven mountains, it has some unique weather conditions. Taking into account temperature and rain, the best month to visit Bergen is May. This also conveniently has the most local events to check out.

Weather in winter can be quite cold, wet and dark. However, if you’re looking to experience real Norwegian life, there’re no better way to do it than in Winter. You might also get the opportunity to experience the beauty of Bergen covered in snow.

sunset hike to mt floyen

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Photographing the Colourful Houses in Bergen

There are several great vantage points of the old wooden buildings of Bryggen. Located on a wharf just by the main harbour, you have the option of shooting several different angles. Although there may be some cars driving past, you can generally aways get a good view.

bryggen colourful houses in Bergen Norway

Bryggen Norway Facts

Bryggen itself translates simply to “The Wharf”. It is the old wharf of Bergen with both cultural and historical significance to the people of Bergen. The wharf played an important role as a trading post in the Hanseatic League trading empire as early as the 14th century.

Although there has been destruction from fires, the buildings have been maintained and rebuilt in accordance to traditional standards. The maintenance of these colourful wooden houses has followed traditional building techniques and patterns. The few buildings remaining are a glimpse into what Bergen and the rest of Northern European port cities would have looked like.

sunset in bergen taken from bryggen


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