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Stiniva Beach on Vis Island, Croatia: Complete Guide

Stiniva Beach on Vis Island, Croatia: Complete Guide

Olly Gaspar

By Olly Gaspar, full-time traveler for 6 years. I visit every place I write about & share real tips, photos, & advice from my trips.

A complete guide to Stiniva Beach on the Croatian Island of Vis. Includes options on how to get here, what to expect, and photos from my trip!

Stiniva Beach, (also known as Stiniva Cove or Stiniva Bay), is a beautiful pebble beach surrounded by high cliffs on the southern coastline of Vis Island.

This beautiful beach is a true hidden paradise, with its narrow cove almost completely obscured by boats from the outside. It’s not until you make the final approach that you realize why this was named Europe’s best beach!

About Stiniva Beach

Stiniva Beach is protected from the open sea by a thin, twisting cove leading onto a beautiful pebble beach. Here, you can expect to find crystal clear water and a wild landscape that looks like it belongs in a James Bond movie!

Stiniva Cove was once a large karst cave formed in the ice age during a time when the sea level was 120 meters lower than today. However, the cave collapsed thousands of years ago to form this beautiful cliff-lined cove.

Stiniva beach, croatia

In fact, you can still see signs of limestone speleothems on the eastern side of the cliff if you swim out past the narrow entrance and look to the right.

While this remote beach was a local secret for a long time, European Best Destinations named it Europe's best beachback in 2016 due to its unique natural beauty.

As a result, this is now the most popular beach on Vis, with many travelers making the journey to this removed Adriatic Island just to swim in its tranquil waters.

Stiniva beach on the island of vis

Where is Stiniva Cove

Stiniva Beach is located on the Croatian Island of Vis, which is the farthest inhabited island on the Dalmatian Coast. Furthermore, the beach is remote even on the island itself– being located on the southern and farthest part of the island from the mainland.

Girl hiking on vis island
Stiniva is nearly as remote as it is beautiful.

How to Get to Stiniva Beach on Vis

Already find yourself on Vis Island? Perhaps you're hanging out in Split or Dubrovnik and looking for the best day trips.

I've visited Stiniva Beach twice during my travels in Croatia. Once was on a 5-island boat trip to the Blue Cave from Split, and the other independently by renting a scooter on Vis Island.

Either way, visiting Stiniva Beach is an unforgettable experience! Below I'll reveal to you how to get here by breaking down the two main options.

Vis Boat Tour

Due to the remote location, one of the best ways to get to Stinva Beach is to join in on a boat tour.

Below are two main options.

  • 5 Island Trip from Split - the highest-ranked day tour from Split and includes The island of Hvar, Stiniva Beach, Biševo (Blue Cave Tour), Budikovac Island (Blue Lagoon), Green Cave, and more.
  • Vis Island Boat Trip - if you're already on Vis, you can find speed boats and taxi boats in the town of Vis. Unfortunately, you can't book this online in advance.
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Croatia coastline boat

Private or Charter Boat

Thanks Tin from Titarosa for a contribution with another option below.

For those who sail with a private or chartered sailboat, catamaran, or a smaller yacht, there is an option to visit Stiniva Bay from the sea.

At the entrance to the bay, there is a buoy field with a few buoys. You can tie your boat to a buoy and simply swim or use a paddleboard, kayak, or something similar to reach the beach. While this sounds straightforward, finding an available buoy is not always easy; often, you will arrive at the bay only to find all the buoys occupied.

That's why I'm offering some tips based on the experience of a local skipper. The best times to arrive at the bay are early in the morning before it becomes too crowded and while buoys are still unoccupied, or later in the afternoon, around 5 om, as many boats will head to the nearby town of Komiža to spend the evening.

Another common practice is to simply ask people on another boat (preferably of similar size to yours) if you can tie your boat to theirs, effectively sharing a buoy. Don't hesitate to ask; locals and fellow sailors are often friendly and willing to help. If you can't find a spot at that time, a good option is to anchor in one of the bays near Stiniva and wait a bit before trying again.

Some nice spots near Stiniva include:

  • Travna Bay
  • Ruda Bay
  • Green Cave on the small island of Ravnik (best between 12 PM and 2 PM).

Things to avoid in Stiniva Bay include docking a boat on the safety line for swimmers, docking on day-tour boats, and anchoring in the bay. The bay is too deep and not safe for dropping anchor, especially if you plan to leave your boat and swim to the bay, which is likely.

Stiniva cove from the boat

Independent Hiking to Stiniva Cove

For those already exploring the island of Vis and looking for a way to get to Stiniva Cove, you also have the option of hiking from the road.

I visited Vis on a 7-day trip with Sail Croatia (highly recommend) and decided to rent a moped from the town of Vis (26 - 40 Euro per day). From here, it was only a 15-minute ride to the trailhead.

Alternatively, you can also get a taxi or Uber, which costs between 9 and 10 euros.

The trailhead is located on the top of the hill just beside Villa Luana, where you'll find a large, unpaved parking lot and a signpost.

  • GPS Coordinates: 43°01'27.2"N 16°10'08.1"E

Travel Tip: Visitors in Croatia can rent a car quite cheaply from a range of dealers on the mainland to visit Vis via the car ferry "Jadrolinia". I recommend comparing prices on DiscoverCars for the best deal.

Stiniva beach from the sky

The Hiking Trail to Stiniva Beach

From the trailhead, you'll find a narrow path leading down the steep cliffs to the beautiful Stiniva Beach. This track is a combination of steps and some ungraded sections with loose rocks and pebbles leading down to the shore.

Expect to reach the beach within roughly 15 minutes from the trailhead. Furthermore, as you descend, you'll get increasingly better views of this stunning beach unveiling itself between the trees and bushes.

Eventually, you'll reach the pebbled shore beside a small bar right on the beach.

Stiniva beach
View of the beach from the trail
Small hut on vis island
Small hut as you approach the pebble beach

What to Expect at Stiniva

Entrance Fee to Stiniva - Completely free!

As soon as you arrive at Stiniva Beach, you'll understand why this remarkable cove is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The narrow sea entrance and unique rock formations form a beautiful sheltered cove. On all sides, high cliffs form a rounded amphitheater that provides natural shade and calm, crystalline waters throughout the bay.

Calm waters at stiniva beach

Along the white, pebbled shore, you'll find many places to sit down and enjoy the warm Dalmatian sun. The crystal clear sea in Stiniva Bay is also perfect for swimming and snorkeling, with great visibility year-round.

Furthermore, if you climb either side of the rock formations at the entrance to the cove, you'll get great cliff-jumping opportunities. These are both at the inlet of the sea, with the highest jump at roughly 12 meters! So, make sure you're prepared!

Stiniva bay, vis island
Stiniva cove on vis, croatia

Where to Stay on Vis Island, Croatia

There are plenty of places to stay in Vis. However, most travelers tend to stay in the towns of Vis or Komiža.

Below are the top three accommodation options on Vis Island for various budgets.

  • House Bava - Located on a quiet cobblestone street, this apartment is a perfect pick for those wanting to explore the old town of Vis. A short 5-minute walk from the beach and close to many cafes and restaurants.
  • Hotel San Giorgio - The perfect choice for those wanting a relaxing stay in a family-run hotel in Vis town. The hotel offers a buffet breakfast and beautifully styled rooms.
  • Apartments Villa Glorija - Located in Komiža on the opposite side of Vis, this small village has everything you need! This top-rated apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, air-conditioning, and lounge and is only a 4-minute walk from the beach.
Town of vis in croatia

FAQs about Stiniva Beach

Is it worth visiting this European Beach?

Of course! I'm not exaggerating when I say that Stiniva Beach is one of the most beautiful coves I've ever visited.

How long to spend at the beach?

It's possible to spend a whole day at Stiniva Cove simply relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, or cliff jumping in this unique bay.

When is the best time to visit Stiniva Beach?

Being a popular beach, I recommend visiting in the early morning or late afternoon to beat the crowds.

What should I bring?

I suggest bringing sunscreen, sealed shoes for the hike, and water shoes for the beach. While you can buy snacks and refreshments at the small bar, it's also a good idea to bring some water as well.

Stiniva beach, vis

I hope you've enjoyed this quick but useful guide to visiting Stiniva Beach on Vis Island, Croatia!

While you're here, make sure to check out some of my other articles below. I'm sure you'll find some more amazing beaches and adventure inspiration for your Croatian travel itinerary!

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