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Best Lookout – John Suwan Viewpoint on Koh Tao, Thailand

Best Lookout – John Suwan Viewpoint on Koh Tao, Thailand

A useful guide to the John Suwan Viewpoint at the southern tip of Koh Tao Island. Find out how to get here and what to expect!

Koh Tao is one of those islands that seems to have it all. If you’re looking for awesome lookouts – John Suwan viewpoint is up there with the best!

John Suwan looks over both the East and West coast of Koh Tao. You’ll find it located at the very southern tip of the island, offering a unique view that should be on the list of everyone’s top things to do on Koh Tao!

How to get to John Suwan Viewpoint on Koh Tao

Those heading from the main tourist beat of Sairee or Mae Head will need to take a moped over to Freedom Beach. It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to reach this beach from almost anywhere on Koh Tao.

The viewpoint is best reached by parking your bike at the top of Freedom Beach parking area and then walking the trail up to John Suwan Viewpoint.

Once you reach the parking lot, walk past the resort, past the signs for freedom beach and follow the dirt road leading up to the left. Next, follow this road until you reach a small tent which is set up by the owner of the land.

Map of John Suwan Lookout walk

John Suwan Viewpoint Entrance Fee

Because this viewpoint is on private land, the owner will ask for a fee. It costs 100 baht per person to reach the top of the viewpoint.

Hiking up to the top of the Viewpoint

The hike up is short, only 500 meters and should only take about 10 minutes. However, as you probably already know, it can be very hot work hiking even short distance on Koh Tao.

There are also parts which require a bit of scrambling. There are some ropes set up for those that need an extra hand scrambling up the rocks. However, any able-bodied person will be able to reach the viewpoint.

Hiking in Koh Tao

Travel Tip: You might also run into a pack of dogs that live on the land. Don't worry, these guys are friendly but become extremely territorial if they see or hear other street dogs. With a viewpoint this epic, I'd be pretty territorial too.

The View from John Suwan Viewpoint

The view from John Suwan viewpoint is spectacular.

The seemingly endless row of palm trees in the middle crater out to reveal an almost perfectly symmetrical coastline filled with tropical trees.

Keep your eye out for turtles swimming below in Shark Bay.

View at the top of John Suwan on Koh tao
Koh tao Viewpoint
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Where Does the Name John Suwan Come From?

This viewpoint was discovered by John Suwan, a local landowner Mr. Suwan and his friend; John. Hence the name; John Suwan Viewpoint.

It has now become one of the most popular viewpoints on Koh Tao for those looking to get out of Sairee.

John Suwan Viewpoint at South of Koh Tao

Don't Miss Freedom Beach Near John Suwan

Since you are already considering checking out the viewpoint, why not check out neighboring Freedom Beach. This is my personal favorite beach on Koh Tao.

It is usually very quiet, has crystal clear water and hammocks already set up for free use.

Freedom Beach, Koh Tao

Where to Stay on Koh Tao - Accommodation Guide

There are several options for travelers wondering where to stay on Koh Tao island. Generally speaking, most people like to stay near Sairee Beach to be close to all the highlights and things to do. However, you can also stay near Mae Head, or a bit further up the mountain from Sairee as well.

To save you time searching the web, I've listed some of the best options for where to stay on Koh Tao below.

  • Best Luxury Pick: Jamahkiri Resort & Spa - a really great bang-for-buck luxury resort. Guests will find this one on the beachfront of Shark Bay in a quiet and secluded location away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Best self-catering villa: Phandara Pool Villas - a luxury option for those who want their own kitchen & pool.
  • Best Backpacker Hostel: Summer Guesthouse - located within walking distance of the dive shops on Sairee beach and of course, the nightly pub crawls– this is the top budget option with a great vibe.
Phandara Luxury Pool Villas Koh Tao

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