Norway is one of the most amazing countries in Scandinavia. My Norway blogs highlight some epic hikes, adventures and travel guides

What to Expect from Norway Blogs

Norway is expensive but can be traveled on a budget. It’s one of those locations that is just too amazing to miss out on. Considering traveling to Norway as part of a Europe backpacking trip? Or perhaps you want to check out Norway by itself? Either way, make sure not to miss these Norway blogs. 

Guide to Hiking to Preikestolen in Norway

Many more blogs are on the way. Make sure not to miss them. 

Why read my Norway blogs? 

If you’re looking for insightful tips and guides from someone who is born in Scandinavia, look no further. Also, I always bring a DSLR on my travels to take the best travel and adventure photos of epic locations. I hope to inspire your travel or backpacking trip to Norway and give you insightful tips on how to make it a great trip. 

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