We Seek More


While travel is a deep passion and the supportive foundations of this blog, I have long been an admirer of independent journalism and cultural storytelling. Truth be told, unique insights into cultural, historical, and earthly narratives of both people and planet inspires greater fascination for me as a writer and photographer.

Consequently, I have decided to build a branch of We Seek Travel dedicated to articles that take a more journalistic approach in thought and purpose. Entitled We Seek More, I seek to evoke in the reader’s mind a more profound understanding of humanity through dispersed yet interconnected stories.

Moreover, We Seek More will be the home for another fascination I share with many; the pursuit to overcome physical trials through self-imposed challenges. To gain more insight into these ill-disposed undertakings, I hope to delve deeper into the world both through the stories of others, and through my own challenges.

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