Cambais Falls is a multi-leveled, aqua-blue waterfall and swimming spot located in Alegria, Cebu. It’s conveniently located close to popular tourist hubs such as Oslob or Moalboal. I consider Cambais Falls to be one of the most underrated waterfalls in Cebu. Here’s a quick guide to exploring Cambais Falls for adventurers in Cebu, The Philippines!

cambais falls in cebu

How to Get to Cambais Falls

By far the best way to get to Cambais falls is by motorbike. It will take roughly an hour from Moalboal to reach the waterfall. There isn’t much signage indicating the way to Cambais Falls, so it’s best to follow Google Maps.

It’s a pretty scenic drive along the coast, passing canyoneering companies and the popular Kawasan Falls on the way. Once the maps direct you in-land, it’s an even more scenic drive up through the valley, past small villages and into the jungle.

The pin below is the starting point. Here you can park your bike next to a small bridge with overhanging trees. There is a small, weathered sign pointing to the trail that heads towards the waterfall.

After you’ve parked your bike, follow the small trail behind you. From here it’s approximately 15 minutes until you reach the ticket office.

Cambais waterfall visitor ticketing office


Cambais Falls

It’s very easy to follow the distinct trail from the carpark to the ticketing office. The entry cost is 50 pesos per person, which is very reasonable. The management also takes very good care to clean the area as there was little rubbish to be found at all.

I rate this waterfall one of the best in Cebu if you’re looking to relax and beat the crowds. Both times I’ve been here there has only been some local kids swimming and jumping off the lower levels.

Cambais Falls in Alegria Cebu

Level One

Cambais falls has two main levels. The first is a large, deep turquoise swimming hole. There is also a tall waterfall off to the left and a more powerful, lower fall right next to it.

The swimming hole is quite deep on all sides. Just be mindful of any submerged rocks if jumping.

waterfall in alegria cebu cambais falls

Level Two

You can climb with the fixed ropes on the right side of the Cambais Falls to reach the top of the first level. After that, keep going up and you will see a bamboo staircase leading up to level two.

cambais waterfall in cebu

Due to the thick vegetation, level two has less light shining through. This is great for hotter days cooling off out of the sun. You can also swim at this level, but there aren’t any cliff jumping spots.

Cambais falls level 2 waterfall


Cliff Jumping at Cambais Falls

The first time that I visited Cambais Falls, I was shown the cliff jumping spots by a local canyoneering team. When looking at the waterfall from the ticketing office, you will see the large trickling waterfall on the left. Here there is a fixed rope for climbing to the top of the limestone wall.

cambais waterfall cliff jumping

The half-way mark is clear with what looks almost like a small cut-out from the limestone. When jumping from here, take care to go straight out to avoid hitting the side. This jump is approximately 6 metres.

For those with more game, you can climb to the very top of this waterfall to tackle the big jump, which is almost 10 metres tall.

cambais waterfall

Is Cambais Falls Worth the Trip?

If you’re looking for a beautiful waterfall paradise that you can have all to yourself, then of course. Personally, i think it’s one of the best little waterfalls in Cebu.

There are plenty of small caves to explore, cliff jumping spots and deep swimming holes. The water in Cebu really is some of the bluest in the world. Cambais Falls is an epic jungle oasis definitely not to be missed.

Check out more waterfalls in the region

There are hundreds of waterfalls in Cebu. Some of the best are just around the corner. You can definitely fill a day of exploring Cambais Falls and some other epic waterfalls in Alegria.

cambais falls

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